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, E, be not be not, I how can be that kind of people?Your seeing ruthlessly oppressive boar just will enter two meters long, is these ratio bigger wild beast in minimum of guy, certainly is also had better grasp of."Mo Yan Chou was thoroughly defeated by the guy of this loafer.However if can grasp two that can like, because after listenning to old man so many parlances, Mo Yan Chou also cans not controls feelings of emit saliva in mouth.
It was public to back to find a ground of bivouac in the farther wood on that day.When the others prepare encampment, don't talk the sorrow pulls the old Mo friendship to the part to start sternly judgment, the living temperament of these two kinds of animals, and all have what special, make the old man tormenting a day really.On the second day, Mo Yan Chou has greatly and early and run especially with Kai to saw the place of Mian snow argali yesterday, the flock of sheep that see a few each ones having several hundred Mian snow argali followed a few roads to remit to gather to start their looking for a grass life in the vacant land.Mo Yan Chou and Kai runs to their backgrounds especially and secretly tooks a look the huge footprint that they once walked to leave.Then two people each other in every aspect and mutually Qu, because the footprint unexpectedly has a bowl so big.The others all followed the old Mo friendship to drill in to collect in the mountain after getting up a kind of be called the winter doesn't pull germ of thing, this kind of thing is that the ruthlessly oppressive boar is favourite, the person also edibles at the same time.
Thus in a row carry on after seven days, public collect don't pull germ for a lot of winters, conveniently wear of still have a lot of nuts and severals unluckily drive Tao the snow rabbit of nest, these snow rabbits weren't killed off, but was taken a cordage to bind.
"The comrades, start today we will prepare for the hunting of greatness business, we have already consumed of 14 day, so we have to in the shortest time inside beat enough find to rush through fortress once, otherwise we are all giving an account here.Our first target is Mian snow argali, we only have an opportunity.Everyone remembers, tomorrow must listen to conductor, everyone want to rise early to be early in the morning."
Don't talk sorrow and take an and help five on the second day big three thick guyses early and early arrived at a reserved location and waited to keep cluster and walk later on, Mo Yan Chou directed public quickly dig and have pit on the ground, each pit is juster a little a little bit bigger than bowl, but the depth has to be much bigger than the bowl, several personal rounds wear and start digging and have pit, till the time in noon public almost dead tired of time, just see 2 have no virtuous guy at part order, encourage and difficultly say for it:"Is so many, manage to pool first useful, then the words dug, time wasn't enough to use."Then a help to think that the guy that sit down to take a rest a rest has a two quilt to have no good person to divide to take to run to schedule to of the locations ambush.
When Mo Yan Chou's this kind of people after ambushing well led about a quarter.The flock of sheep there and suddenly spreads the one wolf Hao voice, the flock of sheep frightenned elephant to run to come over here.Then Mo Yan Chou also learned wolf Hao to get up, the flock of sheep frightenned to again change a direction, a group of persons follow behind ghost to cry wolf Hao and keep going toward flock of sheep to rush through for the trap that they ready to.
The snowflake splashes in snow ground, big cluster of of flock of sheep fore the noodles dashes away, behind a few small dark shadows send out various voice to chase flock of sheep, then in a mountain pass, the Sao happened to flock of sheep suddenly disorderly,google, continuously have sheep to send out to bellow a voice, but the flock of sheep didn't stop headway, because of behind be those dark shadows still following to yell.

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After waiting flock of sheep to finish running, the scene of mountain pass is miserably to the eyely only a word can describe.The small sheep that sees a valley still stand severals losing parents stands over there of helpless of call, the ground is upper-class full blood,Facebook.Have a few Mian snow argali has been already been trampled of pulpy, corpse east a cake of west a piece of.The bowel son flowed out, at outside of have already frozen a jelly to live, but in the body of still slowly go toward outflow, then be also frozen.On the ground lie several Mian snow argalis for getting hurt also at helpless of call, the voice is pathetic.
Mo Yan Chou sees behind direct lay prone on the ground to vomit, rest of person's facial expression is also not that good-looking.Only old Mo Ya Wu Yu looking at this scene very long, then slowly walks to Mo Yan to worry nearby and starts to hand Mo Yan Chou to say:"Respect of get a lord, your performance this time won me to your high regard.Although before we also together, but just regarded as an expensive young master to you at that time.But this time your knowledge but won me to your sincere high regard."After the in all seriousness expression finished the high regard to Mo Yan Chou, the old guy uses one again very and weird euphonic say:"But respect of get a main and each adult, if you still just if here vomit, so these finds will stay to will arrive to right away of cold snow wolf and huge Zhang ice bear, so is each, we had better take our finds to leave here right away."
Wait old guy a say that eyes that finish a group of people to all feel a pair of doubles Shan in circumferential forest wearing green light looking at them.So also attended to not and up vomit, public rush through to pass by those basically the small sheep of nonresistance that cordage tie~upped, then lined up a person to lead long.While being public to all raise sword,cnn, Mo Yan Chou keeps them from acting of continue, "like, all right already, today's massacre has been all right already and thinks the way take these all on the hoofly.The speed hurries."
Then youngly got a lord to run pass by a just had been carrying on the shoulder in licking the ewe of licking the flank small sheep and putting at own shoulder, although the body of this ewe is aer lot of than Mo Yan Chou big, he still kept fluttering to carry on the shoulder this ewe, then walked over that Shuan a string of cordage of small sheep lead long in the hand, fore the place that faces to bivouac hard walk pass by.Although is two feet Ya sons that can see bottom in the huge sheep body peeping out at behind, this quarter, all get the persons all feel the greatness that that shadow is so.Kai especially and all showed unintentionally a kind of look in the eyes that silently admires and respects in the eyes of old Mo friendship, although is very brief, he really took place.Then 2 people turn round one person to also wear on anti- of shoulder a head of gets hurt of argali, hand inside again start to grasp a dead of the sheep catch up to flutter advanced of Mo Yan Chou, the rest person also realizes mistake in succession and lift in the hand shoulder up carry on the shoulder, make track for to come up.
After arriving encampment, Mo Yan Chou has been very tired and come back of road up have some times he cannot insist, but each time get to turning point flank the head quarter state out that a big hand helps him to continue to keep on insisting.After the letting go of of caution of Mo Yan Chou argali, bind beside a treetop of cordages again, immediately after receive everyone the argalis all put at him specify of place.The old Mo is graceful to by this time and automatically take work conductor everyone who have the old hunter to cover up the argali that the dead drop in snow heap.Then and the Kai go toward back to walk again especially, there still have a lot of argalis that didn't move out.
Mo Yan Chou didn't take care of their activities, he started curing these argalis for getting hurt and in fact also have nothing to do of, is also does a small clipboard to connect together and fix well the sheep legs breaking, then see whether other places still got hurt.It all O.K. is a leg to get hurt.Discover after finishing in the favour of Mo Yan Chou public all have already come back station to beside looking at him.Old Mo is seldom ashamed to get up, "ha ha, I am to see them pitiful." A group of persons despise very much of looking at the big boy who moved the heart of docile.Mo Yan Chou doesn't know as well to say what."Get lord adult, we already compute complete, totally grasp to live sheep this time 15, among them, the big sheep gets hurt of 10, the small sheep is 5, all of this 5 small sheep is just birth in a little while, dead the sheep is 27, we stay 7 dead sheep at the mountain pass to the wolves, keep them from finding out us here.We prepare tomorrow wolves to leave behind dead the sheep took snow to wash and brush and was convenient for us to carry these.""Boon, boon, so.However tomorrow make four people dig a pit."
The Kai took three people especially on the second day he and don't talk to worry the place that early is optimistic about dug a pit, while the old Mo is graceful to then take two people the argali that the dead drop is from snow heap dug out to take a farther place of part to peel to open Tang.But Mo Yan Chou then run to dig to open snow ground to get up the delicate grass collection of underneath then is taking to return to in the side of plain, livelong day, Mo Yan Chou all is digging grass, then takes to return to feed those Related articles:

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