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When Sung hadn't thoroughly perished, they had already meant to swear allegiance to Li Min's political power, Li Min's formally replacing big Sung , after being Central plains and formally founding a state, wased also the last form of officer's noodles to swear allegiance.To Li Min's legend, early know much many.And, the gold country is put out, he is also knowing, get magical power to Li Min, admire and respect more, but they Wo country, connect Liao national capital more to beat however, how to dare to provoke Li Min.
⒈⒈ Seventh times night strive for

What?Unexpectedly our country someone robbed a sky dynasty group of islands, dare to also sell a sky dynasty what person thus reckless.Damn, damn, check for me, check.I want to use their heads to sky to be toward compensating offense!"The rattan is original loyalty younger brother's rattan that hear same father different mothers faithfully asked around back at first of news, right away exploded with rage of dashed to pieces a hand in of big black sky of eyes tea bowl, the fierce hoarse roared.
This pouring isn't that the rattan is original loyalty the dog takes a mouse busybodies, is really that this rattan is original loyalty the pass white that is exactly a Wo country imperial government at present, the chief that assists Emperor positive big minister of one article.Can say, in addition to Emperor in Chung-te that represents rule by divine right and imperial house, and the actual man at the wheel bird of the government hospital the emperor and the method emperor of Baihe of feather outside, he is a Wo country nowadays one person.Even, in view of some aspects, this rattan won the actual right of at first, the Emperor of ratio, last emperor, and method the emperor still had to be a little bit big.
But at present, is exactly method emperor's body in Baihe not will pass away, emperor of bird feather will soon physically control a government hospital of delicate of, he this pass white is the delicate seasonal changes at this is exactly unsteady of time, cold not the D come out such an infuriate sky toward losing temper of affair, absolute to he continue hold Zhang pass white one job have huge influence, he how why not Nu, this but relate to his position and right.
"Elder brother!Stop anger.This matter ten thousand ten thousand can not make open.Dynasty country lord the emissary of dynasty in the sky said that this time affairs infuriates for a sky, of, isn't those supplies that are robbed, but that lord in the island on the island is dynasty country in the sky lord of Tu.Enjoy a sky dynasty country lord heavy use.This matter if make open to go out, perhaps the scoundrel is in fear under, kill people to kill.Infuriate dynasty in the sky by that time.Sending troops to send punitive expedition to calculate an our country can get absolute being breeze asylum and resist of sky dynasty, perhaps you my brothers, also difficult escape a group of minister of impeachment.At that time, you my brothers be unavoidably mown skull, send sky toward quelling dynasty in the sky great anger."The rattan faithfully and carefully advised Jie at first.
Rattan at first faithfully and he elder brother's rattan was original loyalty,http://www.4udrdrebeatscheap.com, although same father different mothers, can brothers feelings is still very quite good of, much less, his rattan original household holding domestic affairs high ministers of rank leader, weigh a clan in the source surname, they the brothers is 2 people, on being white for pass, on talking for big Na, the benefits alliance of political top is firmness.The rattan faithfully connected his/her own that close son rattan source with the youth of the genius to depend on at first long all sent to the elder brother of rattan the original loyalty did adopted son and mattered to the whole turning point with prosperous household at this time, the nature couldn't looking at a rattan original loyalty make mistake a mistake because of the fury.
Good at, the rattan is original loyalty however irascibility, can anything but incapable rotting childe's elder brother.He is a pass white these year, go back and forth and method emperor of Baihe and emperor of bird feather of faction of, that is to strive for more of generation.At that moment is also understood a thing have their order of priority.
The rattan is original loyalty right away the dish sit down, for a while mind, this just slowly of way:"You say of to.This matter can have a looks in your heart?"
"Although the detailed evidence has no be able to sky dynasty of make minister but is check some, rob a sky dynasty group of islands of, should with A He ninja inside relevant.The war ship of dynasty in the sky is that they make what people resale.At present, A He has already been by artifice surrendered by the emissary of dynasty in the sky in ninja, only, these ninja that damn, but want to insist what ninja four quit of have to keep mouth tightly shut.Didn't confess just."
"H'm,Artist Series, enduring of our country, pour is some independence character."
"What elder brother.These damn a ninja, if really have backbone, the affair leaks out, for the all's suicide,cheap dr dre beats, by that time have no wait with feet can also directly say that those are these ninja's bandits and goes, sky toward making the clues of minister also break can at present, they insist doing not say and tell them that A He has already had in ninja lord house, unless change a lord then can in no way say.This be not with confess similar."
"Really is a damn a ground of thing.However.These the ninja's landlord house also damn.Unexpectedly dare to send a person to rob a dynasty ground territory in sky.Dare also publicly sell a sky only toward having a ground of war ship.It is really reckless.Damn more!Those the ninja's landlord house is who.Know?"
"Be know.This bothers ground very.It is even pure prosperous to is even ground in the house that genius boy."Rattan at first faithfully not from must sigh to at a stretch say.
The rattan is original loyalty a listen to.Is also right away pour to take a suck at cool spirit.Is even pure prosperous although is a genius.Although is 12 years old the ability allow a left soldier with the skill glory Wei Zuo ground official position.Can the genius isn't terrible.The imperial government important position is obedient ground of good just.Genius not genius ground.Is many a not much.Little one is many.Left soldier Wei Zuo.Isn't also a high ministers of rank in what wonderful big officer.Can problem BE.This kid nominally father.But is that martial heavy minister even loyalty in ground leader even house in house prosperously Di eldest son.Secretly.Is also that to soon hopeless situation emperor from method in Baihe ground illegitimate child.That is method empress' maid-in-waiting in Baihe to resist to keep in mind a kid be given even loyalty prosperously.Government and people top and bottom.That doesn't know.It is much less.That is even pure prosperous from bear.Enjoy an emperor from method in Baihe ground fancy.
That method emperor of Baihe.At present although say to is quick to die.Can as long as he didn't swallow spirit for a day.Government and people top and bottom.Which dare to move his illegitimate child for a while.
And.Affair since pull last this is even pure prosperous.If want to set aside a relation with imperial government.That is also ten thousand ten thousand not ability.Even if don't lift this even pure prosperous is an emperor from method in Baihe ground illegitimate child.Only is him that nominally the father is even
That is also the Kui head of Wu Jia Di.That isn't and cleanly also the basic Pie.
The rattan is original loyalty the uprising that right away annoy want to throw with force again.Rattan at first faithfully know be this condition, is also had no dare block.And, the thing in the house previous time also all almost fell off light, unless is fall off his rattan at first faithfully, otherwise is also don't what things can fall off.
The rattan faithfully believed at first, his this elder brother, even if was again great anger,couldn't fall off his this younger brother.
Indeed as expected, the rattan is original loyalty turned 1 turn don't find out what can fall off, the again sitting down of the spirit shouts that the Chi shouts that the Chi keeps pant.
The rattan was faithful at first this just said"elder brother.In my eyes, this matter, ten have**, is that even wife and children son to do.That boy don't see small, can be 8 years old the dint of the current bear tiger, 9 years old is already a top-grade sword hand, 10 years old from set the worst way, walk sideways city teacher.Have no what he doesn't dare to do of, year ago more someone pass on a message him to accept to take our country circumlittoral pirate.Build up Wu Xun, I estimate, this matter, perhaps is that he accepts a pirate without extra trouble dry of, otherwise, with his insolent Pi, accept a pirate, how also don't read the law-abiding of language not to is foolish."
The rattan original loyalty smells speech: hair angered way:"Know again how!This boy that damn, can we move.The method emperor's disease weighs carelessly at present, in the mind noodles Dian write his this a few illegitimate children, we perhaps on saying, that method emperor doesn't well make and then carelessly be sheltering him, you I make not want to be condemned not to say, ten it**of still need to kill people to kill of and sky toward denying, this waits an affair, I estimate not and so and in brief, make not is a sky toward fearing that I wait oversea various country to defy after inheritting the territory orthodox tradition of big Sung, intention send troops one of shaking the Zhe to lend, even if be not, sky dynasty beginning sign, also ten thousand ten thousand permit not get the others challenge a sky dynasty dignity, that gold country isn't put out Yao, oversea various country, with I greatly with the strongest, this matter if don't vanquish, in the days to come oversea various country that is willing to take, sky dynasty only is BE this, by all means have to have a parlance as well, our country if understand the changes of the times, hand over for a day toward country lord of Tu, and hand over a villain, put low profile, weigh a gold to compensate a gift to ask for pardon, probably sky toward canning also give due to the tradition of the nation of rite our country one is organic, otherwise, even if sky dynasty big degree, is also have to maintain his sky dynasty the dignity of the big country, I think a sky dynasty this time send first to make the minister secretly checks to visit, and then spreads, should is one is this meaning, such, you I how can also lightly report this matter, let a method does the emperor do a careless matter."
The rattan faithfully smelt speech at first, right away is also connected to nod, he is before coming to seek an original loyalty of his elder brother's rattan to send secret message, Related articles:

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