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Use.The business of our field ice doesn't need blind Chan of outsider and.You should why and why go and forgive to not and far send."
In fact he returns to be regarded as polite-the other party in times before blend original make him very not great, and field ice warrior outward of attitude, have been saying by tough Zhao, met all of this kind of affairs to beat first, then say.
If not that the other party wagon side still stood a few guys, a keeps eyebrow to stare of looking and doing not seem to be good person, wrap only and only and not and want to make affair greatly, perhaps early a few mouth sons take out past!
Interesting BE, admire than go towards wrapping light light of impression also very not which:"What person this BE.The dress of the mold dog kind of oneself person upscale master's tunic, but not willing to give up buy a clothes for under charge!BE a person to how to skin a flint to this kind of situation!"
And at admire compare see, at present affair already very clear.How to see is all this young man to take an a big ticket hatchet man, strong rob a barbarian's young girl, have much of several cents the manner of the young culprit.He says to arbitrate just tactful parlance in times before, however is to want to stay a face for the other party, in case tore open a face everyone not meet just.
Who know the at present young man is more crazy than him, make him unbearable burning with anger, see again rob of the young girl skin is pure white, the facial appearance is lucid and attractive, particularly is that fan Mang's look in the eyes to seem what fog receive, make people feel that she is that so Jiao more weak helpless.Admire than feel a man of red-blooded a short moment the soldier divide two roads and drift down the river of from need not form, that treacherous acts but top of but"bomb" of a crack open by explosion in his brain.
"I refuse!"Admire to strictly say than the righteousness positive phrase, at this moment Al Gore especially the instructing of Sir all early was thrown far away by him to go."As a gentleman, I can in no way see a beautiful young lady to suffer to whet difficult!Appease this kind of behavior is the biggest indignity to me."
One that he brushes drew out along with thin sword to point at old pack of:"Duel!"
Don't seeing admire is more handsome than keeping one effervescent posture, in fact his in the mind but at secretly regret:Exactly have no experience, unexpectedly forgot a handle knob set to throw on the other party face, failure!
Wrap light the light have been thoroughly petrochemical.He stiffly once turned a face, the face that has eyes fixeds on the other party fierce lo.
Do misdeed, person's growing to pour is very fair complexion, does the Zha lack mind's eye?
By this time listen to to admire compare shout at top of voice, jump down from the wagon.Probably is the time for falling to the ground twisted feet, what he stumbled ran to come over and stand sword toward wrapping light only stab.
Is still just in time old pack of just is that stunned, hence this is slanting inclined on one side inclined one sword, finally don't take many hope of firm on his shoulder.Very on him master's tunic is added to anticipate, inside the Zhui is full the fragment of abnormal shape skin-if this kind of gentlemen is used to embroider floral swords can pierce, that also let the title of somebody else that"evil-foreboding dream living creature" down too much.
The acute pain lets to wrap light light fiercely the Jing come to, the heart says pretty still true Tong of your Ya!The one more sees the sword of the other party still sway a long crest on the oneself's shoulder, the whole individuals all annoy while ascending deep-fried.The just so-called Nu rises from the trousers head, bad living to the egg side, sees him starting to fly a feet to going straight to the other party chest but go!
In fact talk about swordsmanship, our Pa Mr. Fu compare to wrap light light also strong not how much(is old to wrap to press a root can't swordsmanship ……), talk about energy probably still rather he.And at that time just drive old pack of the achillean method tunic shocked, where still hide open, the result was old to wrap this feet to directly and then turn over his Chuai in the ground.
Wrap light only rob to come forward to go, use to wear right hand a Duo of beginning the set over admire the thin sword of ratio, turn in reverse a sword body, use the hilt of a sword of cup form for a while descend of knock the other party head, mouth inside still a vigorously read Dao:
"Your mama, call your Tong;Your grandmother, call your Tong!……"
Scold to scold to suddenly feel this words to have a little pout, but the hilt of a sword knock person's skull, and then obviously have no plank brick directly before lifting face come of wrap without extra trouble only only an in the mind not from get inwardly penitence:You say at the beginning how to have never thought a dozen ofs foreign sky of the type printed of does the trifle defend a body?
Hence he keeps having in 100 favours body to roar loud a way:"That who who who, seek a piece of rock for An, two palms are so big, have to be square!"
But this time, both parties' person's horses all deep-fried a pot.The brothers of the warrior and the Red Cross in the village all gave up opponent and coaxed indiscriminately of go toward to rush through here;The person in dark night obviously stands nearerly, the guy that puts to ring arrows in times before, have already taken arrows of bow at this time, take aim at to ride at admire than the wrapping of body only and only, just hesitate not to dare to begin!
It probably is a Si promise to at the beginning give his incitement too big.Being used arrows is a , wrapping of target the light only signed a horse to respond-but this time that the state isn't what he sinks into by himself, but be like bubble similar wrap up him.
Sees a pack light light a double eyes fiercely one Ning and drink the voice"disease"!Saw the bow string of that bow and arrow hand fiercely Zhan for a while, that bow hand Cu cannot compared with to defend, a loose hand arrows doesn't know to fly where go to.
This is"evil rope Shu"!
Say towards wrapping light light coming,cheap dr dre beats, as long as he thinks to is a cordage, have the possibility to be subjected to Shu.Just he is to toward the magic trick that the bow string displays.
He also doesn't know now, this ability, say with it to is an Ao Shu, rather say to is a certain instinct that approaches "Long Mai Shu private".
"Does the magic trick deliver in a sudden?"Old sorcery teacher from come out a car door, by a happy chance saw this time prospects, not from get an in the mind a sink.He could not recognize the other party to use exactly is which faction of magic trick, anti- make nature also have no from start to talk about, but he knows that he by this time has to order what, otherwise let a sorcery teacher open toward wildly bombing here, that is absolutely a disaster.
Hence he recites incantation, the ray of light of lavender shines in his fingertip, seeing the magic trick will leave a hand, can drink to spread along with a Jiao, he the ray of light between the fingers fiercely strain two times, so oddly vanish up in the air!
"Does the magic trick annihilate?How ……break there is still female in the method of?"

The text chapter 57 Dou method
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The so-called one who break method attends to think an idea, is come out by the sanctuary training, exclusively a kind of occupation aiming at traditional teacher of Ao Shu.The cellular phone easily reads:wαр .⑴⑹The k xs.Com tidies up
The sky long day is longly trampled upon by various magic trick, let the magic trick resistance of breaking the method s get high astonishing.Also because this trains very abnormal, advanced this occupation of, is all male, and have 1 to calculate a , is all brain the crazy follower of remnants.
Their placard technical abilities would was that to take off "the magic trick annihilates" that the foetus breaks up Shu at the pastor.
In fact is not a strange old master either to misunderstand, after all young girl that effect and magic trick recruiting annihilate to be like too much-for civilization the social person come to say, witchcraft this kind of thing is too mysterious.And it is mostly a vein list to spread of, even shaman oneself, don't know another shaman as well to exactly and more excel what.
Didn't see the appearance that the black Ji Nuo invite a body of ancestry at him so much, otherwise still want surprised shout:"This is the absolute being to decline Shu!"
But at this time black Ji Nuo, seem change individual general, sees her double eyes tiny to shut, the facial expression is solemn and peaceful, connected the eyebrow lines between the eyes to seem to be all many resolute and firm for several cents.
Sign stone and birch suspend and seem to be satellite to protect her betwixt;And she also slowly floats to leave a ground.However is different from the master's flotage Shu, she seems drive strong breeze to blow.Sees her of long root of hair root erection, the like waterfall generally and in the sky floats a dance;Short skirt ……because of Related articles:

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