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 "The summons give six kids, make them be closing valley city to remain on standby, can not act rashly!"
Go to this, alliance in East China Sea's pleasing is declined to a blue bird dynasty, the great commander soldier Wei Ge immediately sends back the plain city to the news and waits for the saint king's order.
Inside the plain city, saint Wang Tian Lei and military adviser, Ya Xing,s are listenning to the circumstance of three soldier breeze Yang introduction East China Seas, a burst of step voice rings out, and the soldier Xun officer comes to report the great commander soldier Wei Ge to have news to spread.
Saint Wang Tian Lei once connects letter, it was the handwriting of Wei Ge to open a to see the book, the contents is alliance in East China Sea to please to decline, hopes the saint Wang Tian Lei's saint to cut, gives designation, saint king ha ha on smiling, with the hand hand over to letter flank of military adviser.
Military adviser, Ya Xing Jie, over on seeing, cachinnation way:"Decline, good!"
"Ya Xing's eldest brother, East China Sea has been already settled at present, do you see a later affair how to handle?"
"This …" Ya Xing pondered for a while, then said:"We are born in the China and manage to have no experience to the ocean, besides East China Sea is six to yield on one's own initiative, we don't maltreat them, either and rather let their management!"
Saint Wang Tian Lei nods a way:"I am also this meaning, six childes in East China Sea very person, the six greatest noble families conduct in East China Sea for thousand years, deeply rooted, momentary half will son can not also the Han move, arrive to rather ride with the current and let them administer on behalf of to manage for several years."
"However, we have to defend, either, had better move all of the six greatest noble families into capital city, stays a parts of personnel management East China Sea, square is best plan!"
"BE exactly!"
"Good idea, Ya Xing's eldest brother, this affair hands over to you to do, disintegration, at every step encroach upon, 5-10 year, must chase six greatest households influence connect the root pull out!"
"Is understand!"
"Is quasi- to yield, let each army corps receive each city and rest the whole half year, then say to East China Sea!"
"I see is also, however the military discipline must be strict, it is a first-class important event at present to stabilize a popular support, will never the ability go wrong on this matter."
"Is all right,Artist Series, popular support problem I see and then start to do from two affairs, the first, the relief makes to the extremely killing of the dimly discernible city, the second, make track for to seal eastern cloud as blue bird viscount, issue on order each soldier to all station outside the city, allows a little amount personnel to go into the city to keep order, how?"
"The king of the saint is astute!"
"Get, I see to send you go to a , otherwise saint the king isn't astute."
"This matter should never attempt to, I am unsuited to proper, I see so, rather make the childe go to a , how?"
"Dream thunder?Is also good, the text Jia commander-in-chief was tomorrow, let dream thunder with he together past, is also a way."
Two people negotiated again a burst of, come to a decision a blue bird dynasty alignment of aftertime two years.On the second day, military adviser, Ya Xing, starts to rush through into not to fall city and arrange each affair, soon, the text Jia commander-in-chief goes into city and pays a courtesy calls on saint Wang Tian Lei, saint Wang Rang takes a rest first for two days, the day after tomorrow say again, by this time, the text Jia commander-in-chief has been already heard the matter yielding alliance in East China Sea, extremely pleased.
Took a rest for two days, saint Wang Tian Lei sought text Jia the commander-in-chief talk and gave an account some affairs of East China Sea, and entrust the little lord dream thunder to him, let dream thunder representative saint the king go abroad as ambassador East China Sea and pacify situation in East China Sea and send greetings the officers and men of going on expedition East China Sea, and appoint text Jia commander-in-chief is governor of province in East China Sea, give the Ni stations soldiers the tallest commanding officer for East China Sea, blue feather, blue Ling and the new moon large unit Hou life, turn go into rest whole.
Little lord dream thunder and text Jia the governor of province set out from the plain city and experience successively in February remaining to arrive at to close a valley in cloud.All the way, the text Jia knows his/her own responsibility graveness, don't dare to have some mishap, the little lord dream thunder after all only has 9 years old, representative saint the king go abroad as ambassador East China Sea, the saint king entrusts him to he, this is to oneself how big trust, besides, saint Wang En grants he or she as governor of province in East China Sea and has full control business in East China Sea and carries to stabilize general situation heavy responsibility in East China Sea, the boon is higher than sky.
With go little lord dream thunder and go abroad as ambassador of there are 10,000 knights, is all little and principle and subordinate and blue bird valleys and take out comer, each age isn't old, but the skill in martial arts is high strong, a Di and fasten sons, support dream thunder is a little bit more safe need not text Jia also worry, but the dream thunder after all is a youth, help a father the first time handled affairs feeling, excitement not already, on the road cans not help and asks this and asks that, see lovely view in the eastern region often laud, naughty, nature slow some.
Blue bird dynasty Li two March, year, the saint king was sent to little lord dream of the representative of East China Sea thunder and governor of province text Jia in East China Sea to arrive at to close a valley in cloud.
In cloud before closing,cheap dr dre beats, the color flag floats, the singing is clear, the war ensign of each color in the sky floats in the sky, the battalion connects a camp firm is several ten inside, vastly and mightily.
With the Wu sand Er commander-in-chief and the great commander soldier Wei Ge, thunder space, give Ni for head, the army corps of chief of staff second text general and each army corps is long, the house of East China Sea six greatest households the persons, such as lord and little lord...etc. constitutes of welcome a far of troops 30 inside, greet saint king representative emissary and governor of province 1 line in East China Sea.
Although the little lord dream thunder age is small,go abroad as ambassador East China Sea represents saint this time Wang Tian Lei, the identity is different, the text Jia governor of province beginning East China Sea greatly allow, responsibility important, is also an older generation person, the father-in-law of the great commander soldier Wei Ge old Mount Taishan, two people's identity, pull Ma mainland to say the prestige in East China Sea region and the whole saint imposing, temporarily have no two.
The little lord dream thunder carries on the car, the dress in whole body gold yellow packs, ascend embroider blue bird pattern, surrounding Huang Luo San covers, the color flag floats in the sky, all of the close Wei are blue whole body soldiers to pack, black helmet, outside shine on a pale blue color cloak, young and vigorous, vigorous, all of the whole troopses are to ride a soldier, there is no a person who walks.
When the troops is getting nearer, music voice repeatedly rings out, the clock drum together blares, the number cannon connects a sky,cheap beats, one joys Teng in the whole East China Sea, blue bird battalion and common people in cloud before closing 30 insides inside stand very fullly, vie with each other in watching little lord dream thunder and new appointee governor of province text Jia.
The Wu sand Er, Wei Ge, thunder space, give Ni and second text, graceful and blue, Ya Xue, eastern Kuo sea and fishing is in vapor trail, East China Sea six childe's etc.s are public to tightly walk several step, the Gong body mutually faces, the little lord dream thunder slowly gets down from the car, the text Jia was by hand and lightly handed, to public walk.
"The minister Wu sand Er, Wei Ge, thunder space, give a Ni and second text …pay visit to a little childe, wish saint Wang Wan An, ten thousand Annes of little childe!"
"The offense minister eastern Kuo sea, fishing leaps at the vapor trail, vast sky …pay visit to a little childe, wish saint Wang Wan An, ten thousand Annes of little childe!"
"Is public to connect an aim!"The text Jia breaks to drink a , public hurriedly kneel to pour.
The little lord dream thunder sees public to kneel to pour and loudly says:"Receive saint Wang Zhi Yi, the blue bird dynasty eastern noodles soldier commander-in-chief thunder space listens to an aim!"
"Minister at!"The thunder space hurriedly promises.
"The great commander soldier thunder space leads an eastern noodles soldier to go on expedition East China Sea, the big righteousness of Yang dynasty, the saint king's special kindness, hard working achievement Gao, achievement at dynasty big industry, add as a handsome job especially, teach a blue bird dynasty one etc. marquis, grant a town east Hou!"
"The minister thanks for favor!"
"The great commander soldier gives Ni to listen to an aim!"
"Minister at!"
"The great commander soldier gives the Ni rate large unit east of plain to enter and day and night and courageously fights and spares no efforts and sign the eminent contribution of a life time not, achievement at dynasty big industry, add to give the Ni as time especially handsome job, blue bird dynasty second class marquis, lead a plain large unit to garrison continent in East China Sea!"
"The minister thanks for favor!"
"The second text listens to an aim!"
"Minister at!"
"The general second text helps commander-in-chief the east advertise for and deeply strive for forethought and plan detailed and complete, sign the big industry of ten thousand a life times, achievement in the dynasty, add as blue bird dynasty No. 3 quality marquis especially!"
"The minister thanks for favor!"
"The Wu sand Er commander-in-chief listens to an aim!"
"Minister at!"
"The old commander-in-chief leads a new moon large unit to turn a war east, southern two sides, go ten thousand inside road, sign a big industry, go kind and justice, achievement in the dynasty, add as blue bird dynasty especially second class and ducal!"
"The minister thanks for favor!"
"Mu inside, inside Teng, black epilogue, cloud force …listen to an aim!"
"The minister waits at!"
Little lord dream thunder generation father saint king to blue bird soldier eastern noodles soldier and increase to aid of the new moon department carried on to seal to appreciate, later on, he calls a way again:"The eastern Kuo sea, fishing leaps at the vapor trail, vast sky, the department is empty Ao snow, limitless island, summer rather the Bo sea listen to an aim!"
"Offense minister at!"
"The eastern Kuo sea waits 6 people to adjust Related articles:

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