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Of view, then we immediately make change chain ball, if the other party starts to assault and so throws a chain to connect the hoof of hitting the other party, although we haven't done the attack of meeting chain ball, how much should be able to have some function, but the other party if not and immediately start to assault, so is used sorcery by me to continuously attackstone them, anyway the other party doesn't have long range attack of, we aren't afraid they.
The game follows one's inclinations after starting with only Gu a square 2 people quickly backed our behinds, while I also put a fire wall Shu in the in front of the other party in momentary, severity ground the view that influenced them, roar sky they quickly changed chain ball, then brandish, the chain ball quickly turns one and other circle at them and turn shout to make ring.
'The 嘚 gets!'The other party six knights remain is to start to assault an attack, however assaulting being divided into this time is two, each is two knights, the second are four knights, differ before or after several rice grounds assaulted to come over toward us, the other party saw the chain ball that we change a new weapon, see that brandishing, all one earthquake in heart, shout loudly danger, can can't come to a stop, on coming to a stop, face our stronger great blow more.
"Throw!"Because my one makes next, roar sky, nihilist and the chain ball extremely killing throws to fly and, directly crash into sitting of two knightses of the front of the other parties to ride, and the chain ball in roar sky is also in the head that directly hit a horse, directly pulverize for Ma Tou of that horse, and that knight is also hit, and falls off to fly, crashes into to throw a little bit slowly and extremely to kill of chain ball, directly drive extremely kill the chain ball of throwing to batter to death.A knight dies on the spot, another knight was thrown to fly down just then, and then although four knights of noodles urgently avert from,cnn,still a knight directly hits before two knights of right away, fell off to fly down together.
"Throw!"Is previous I didn't throw the chain ball of , together with have already taken out the roar of the second chain ball for sky and the nihilist again throw the chain ball in the hand, our targets are to run to arrive together of two knights, as for leave of that, ignore, also beyond the power to care.
'Ao~~Ao~~'two Ma Ling, there two knights sitting to ride is in the clout, although this roar chain ball that throw in the sky threw to fly, I and unreal of chain ball still each win a , give° two horses to hit to pour on the ground, two knights also fell off down.
"The framework prison in the sky!"Leave the last horse certainly don't pass as well, I directly put a framework under the hoof the prison mixed down for it for sky, at present six knights hanged a , the another five all fall down on the ground, and an among those the in front that more and directly fell off us.
"Is unique!"The knight who can not fall off in front of us starts, I again pinned up purple Long Jian to start an attack, an extremely and in a twinkling stabbed into sword that knight's throat, before having mercy on this knight explode material several piece, momentary didn't can find out a suitable material now, its throat vacates one a little bit fatal, at the right moment drive I a shot necessarily kill, directly second kills on the spot and tightly connect front the player being battered to death by the chain ball went.
"Up!"After connecting to kill two knights, and the other party all draw down horse, so even if need not behind of only Gu one square with follow one's inclinations to begin, we leave of 4 people can also to meeting, have no sit to ride of the knight basically isn't our opponents, and we can't give them the opportunity to re- ride horseback up, either and solve them are also just a horary problems.
I make use of the sorcery flame sneak attack attack,google, the first ended combat, then was a roar sky, this guy unexpectedly again use to wildly turn to attackstone with photogene, and his opponent is is unexpectedly previous to finally hang of that, have mercy on this knight up an after being robbed by me to hang, this finally still meets with the roar for sky, and faces of still is the roar that wildly turns and uses a photogene attack sky, finally also still hang in the hand in roar sky.
I left after all ending opponent with roar skies two knights although remain at spare no effort try very hard to, can two to four, they is how can not also win, even the opportunities for perishing together all have no, I directly two near bodies clap shot and clapped into two sorcery flames inside their bodies, direct second kills.
"Ha ha, eldest brother, this bureau we win easily."The material that pick up that knight to explode in the sky of the roar of at the same time, also excitedly clamor.
"That certainly, we but have have since then of, if there are no those chain balls, we this miserably, certainly our real strenght is also quite good, otherwise give you the chain answer,Facebook, don't also want to give° the other party to hit to dismount."I smiled to smile, the tone that still takes some braggadocio at the same time said.
"Or the eldest brother is astute, so good stratagems all think come out."Follow one's inclinations the station flatters a way in the behind, now also only Ma Pi make him clap, who call he till now even move can not move, also need to get hurt only the Gu one party to hand.
"Do not know that a few other games ended to have no certainly, let's return ."Finish sweeping battlefield, we withdrew game space and returned to China a mainland, color dress chrysanthemum son they also all happily greet us, our game they from the beginning see tail, certainly also have no how much can see, because our game of time is very short, have no a short while end to fight, nine unfortunately previous be overs fight of record is can't break of, behind of game perhaps will also more and more difficult beat.
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The text chapter 338 pathetic soldier in the blood house
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We this brigade certainly is again the troops that the be over fought at the earliest stage, there isn't intentional mental arithmetic, the victory is certainly to belong to ours, and eldest brother they miserably, both parties' fighting has already got into to become too intense, although eldest brother and eldest sister-in-law 2 people the grade is stubbornly all higher than the other party,put together Dou in the other party under, eldest brother eldest sister-in-law 2 people's advantage is also pulled and dragged back, eldest brother eldest sister-in-law 2 people 3 people of the double Dou the other party, and ancient 14 brotherses then deal with another 4 people, putting together of both parties the Dous are all very horrifying, the real strenght of the other party is unexpectedly a little bit all unlike ancient a they are four bad, even still want Gao Chu some, and on the material, thou 14 brotherses also fall at leeway, after all the other party was an only a troops of nation now, but we be not, this equal is an eldest brother gang opposite other party of a nation, even if before equip they exploded many, they still have enough time to replace, even than just of the material is better.
The game of eldest brother got into white-knuckle, and the disorderly dance hope a month they this then has already turned into an ending of affair stage, although the real strenght of the other party isn't weak either, disorderly dance of truely fight still very terrible of, himself only the Dou is only 2 people, but hope a month the purine, Tyrannosaurus, Long Shou Tian and absolute being punish an angel each only the Dou is one person, the troops of the other party completely give dismantle to open, in addition to indiscriminately dance only those two players of Dou have some matches, other players basically have no a way match, and is indiscriminately dancing them, now and the rise this assassin of Long Yin.Long Yin this guy got into concealed body status in the beginning from the game, and he is dressed in my absolute being concealed cape now and becomes stronger on the concealed body ability, the other party basically can not discover Long Yin's existence, and still want every moment carefully guard against, have no way exertion real fighting strength thus, anti- drive the disorderly dance hopes a month only purine they press to beat.
Long Yin every where roves around in five combats and looks for the best opportunity, he not and urgently wears an attack now, he wants of Be just an opportunity, as long as grasping an opportunity, so can polish off one person, but want ~only be over the other party one person after, so the other party will start overall collapse.
We pass a watching of system machine and has no the havings that the way sees Long Yin, my absolute being knows can not also pass watch the machine look for, can looking at to dance them to fight indiscriminately indiscriminately, when both parties beat just very hotly, at punish with absolute being Related articles:

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