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Is medium, she could not live more.Although it is said before fallening asleep that, she feels to trap very much, but wakes up this time, she then feels whole body all of the vitality is to come back quickly.She lies on the bed to open eyes and cautiously listens, that sand sand what to ring is still in next rain.That lightly of step's ringing is the person who turns on duty in the hospital is taking a stroll.That carefully steady voice is Huang Ying's small nose nearby is breathing.
Her pouring is to sleep fragrantly.Lin Zi Wen climbs to start and looks down the my daughter who has no machine heart to living, her sleeping is open a small mouth, seem to be some unsophisticateds, but equal of amiability.She the hand and foot be spread ground to lie now bed up, is that kind of the carefree person goes to bed of way.She quilt all the Deng opened a half and only had half the Yan write.Wasn't the silly wench afraid of to freeze.Lin Zi Wen is tiny to smile.She lightly covers with to have clothes and descended bed after, then give° the all of quilt Huang Ying Yan.Then she borrowed to project to go into from the doors and windows of the ray of the electricity candle of hallway.Pushed away a door to walk to go out, the anti- hand guarded a gate Yan up.She looked for bathroom.
This her of course not in the hospital knows this kind of special place over there.However as long as seeking with quiet attention, the head quarter seeks to get.Afterwards she discovers that there is in the center a small room in hallway is to turn on duty room, she just finds out everywhere there from the little nurse of on duty.Afterwards she whence comes back.But come back from another hallway.She saw some affairs.
A few little nurses get together.Sit upright on the long chair in the hallway to eat to smile, say some they think interesting words.After all isn't a sickroom here, they from think that talking is orotund and small, is can't the interference arrive a patient of quiet rest.
"……That old man is really wretchedness, hear he quickly in last phase is be not??"A person says.
"Be, otherwise he canned also force to walk a week ago.Now ……alas, he can sit on the wheel chair ……"the another then approve her.
"Only afraid can not lead how long, he even the wheel chair cans not sit, either, can lie on the bed" the third little nurse speak up.She seems to be some the ocean ocean is satisfied"beard the director state personally, he get of the disease is really beyond hope, can at wait to die.Only afraid need not a month"
"Frighten, what you said is true" a few all of the partners hope toward her.This makes this young girl vanity is satisfied."That certainly, that I send to medicine for injection to go in and hear a beard the director saying to the director.The beard director is the best doctor in hospital, he says so, there is leave of??"
"That pours is also, ""that is""however that old man had mercy on, only afraid could not saw a next month""in fact he is also quite good, to we also very good""to, however is should not seek object for his son indiscriminately""that is also, make us embarrassed to die."
The topic like this and slowly transfered."In fact his son is also quite good, although isn't that kind of 1 type of high Gao, is also very handsome!!"The little nurse of that noodles son circle circle says."Do not lift him, he grows handsome and suddenly., In the hospital, he in addition to have good facial expression to who to his daddy of"another nurse who there is freckle on the small noodles imitate enough anger's saying.
"Yes" the another then approves her words to say "he seems is as to it's its personses all stop one's ears, when he sends back for person to enter tonight I avert from, hum, I just don't wait upon him" ……
Keep on saying like this.Hence a problem emitted to come up"you say, does he take girl friend to see his old daddy??"A few little nurses all shake head.The little nurse of round face in"I see can't of" says."Do not you feel, I feel that he seems to be basically to have no girl friend"
"Why""frighten""I just don't think, is he difficult to seek girl friend??"There is one that put forward question.
The "listen to I say, very easily understand of, if he really has girl friend, he early should early as possible bring, can drag along mire to take water till this time, his father's hospitalizing is all quick three weeks" round face little nurse says."Right??"
All of"that is also, " several people lackadaisically say."Was that to be hard to believe however he really has no??"
An older nurse whom"Hey, " has been aside listenning to suddenly sneered at to open mouth:"He isn't to have no, only afraid is could not take just"
Went to her body to ascend in the attention complete works a while, 'Yi, Zhang Jie, you know"."Why do you say so"."Is is not, you know what of"."Speak to listen to, good" a few all of the little nurses are getting more interested in.Zhang Jie proudly a smile"how don't I know.You all know his name, but you know that he passes by is stem what of, he past hey"this has for several cents, the female of the feminine beauty pondered under, imitated to feel mourn enough public appetite."He usually gets into those night clubs, spread its type, keeping those rich women company is whole …… do you say" fruit was this sentence to receive the effect that she wants.A many all of the little nurses are "this is impossible" that was foolish to lived, lead a short while is a mumbling way.
How may.Stand at turn Cape place Lin Zi Wen who listens to is also suddenly a surprised.She and pony once the colleague was three years.The pony isn't the Yao that has been doing public security, however is also probably.Because this boy usually escapes a class.The most emollient proof then station at she not the body of pony in the doorway of distance trembled a to tremble, Lin Zi Wen discovers that his fist keeps important hold.If that what female said is false, why he is this appearance, made this action.She comes back from the bathroom be see the pony stand the Qie is in the door catty.She also just comes to a stop.
The female nurse in"very surprised is is not" is satisfied to say with smile."Fact so, I have a friend, she is usually especially rich, also take me the city inside in Xian everywhere spread, night club.I saw his some times.Unintentionally asked the next friend afterwards, at the right moment she knows a lot, whole say to me.You say the rich, usually stroll the woman of night club to have how many is serious, they will be him of girl friend, even if BE, that kind of woman, can he take to get??"
"", "Is also" a few little nurses in every aspect and mutually Qu.Sigh a medium regret to also have several cents the contempt.The interest head of elder sister Zhang in"still have" comes up and seem be at a stretch making reference to bottom."Other he isn't only had fun by the somebody else to mourn, is he to mourn a somebody else, he is to usually run to some outsides in school in the senior high school, shameless trail a somebody else of those girl.Was disgusted to die, I thought, he is to want to seek to repair, be taken advantage of by the somebody else, from a different angle have back"she was supercilious affected ground of to laughter"be like this kind of man, he can seek what fine quality of goods, those female senior high school students now all is reality, even if take for him last, can he take them back to see his this old dad"
"Is exactly, " "is exactly" a group of nurses to repeatedly nod to say, however still has one to put forward the objection"in fact also very easy, his flower orders money and seeks coming back of a female, say that this is his girl friend to his daddy, this isn't become"
"That is also" Zhang Jie answers a way after wanting want."However probably he is to fear that this leave drama wears Lian and break an agreement in case of that female's half-way.Is that old headman to give to grieve right away if the that girl speaks some true facts to his old daddy??This is my pouring is to think not too to know, probably don't have inside story"many little nurses all order, this is also explanation.Talk to still keep keeping on continuing.However that wasn't the business concerning pony.Zhang Jie has already started to talk about the Mi matter in another hospital again, many little nurses listen to concentrate on,Cheap Beats By Dre, in order to being subjected to concern, the Zhang Jie excitement goes to whole Be getting reder in the face.The facial expression is also emotionally wrought up ……pony he was all over already a Tan on frame in the door.Is different meeting after Lin Zi Wen see him just imitate and struggle a sort to keep starting.He once turned round, the Huai fully left.But very naturally he would was to see after death Lin Zi Wen in the distance is not.2 people vision to ascend.Leng after a short while, the pony lightly trod son to face to come up."All of you heard" his facial expression cry again smile.1 kind complains of hard lot puckery feelings to beat to turn on his noodles.His voice is also some woods however.Imitated to send out to come in the ancient well from the one mouthful.Again cold again Yin.
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