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M's releasing cloud English can not help shaking head a way:"Is capable, you so ability rather hand over to you to come to handle good, aren't you the training that once accepted me as well?Dealing with general little devil still can of, there is no Zhang Hu, you can't be become a what all don't dare to be of person?"
The www.feiku.com releases six capable way of quickly shaking heads:"Cloud military instructor thinks greatly of so capable, capable how dare to loaf on job, commander already arrange good, take a brigade this time of is me.What under charge special kind soldier takes part in a training isn't a lot of, only have 3510, it is 1 disc to only is a small vegetables to cloud military instructor, lightly very loose can teach us.Always I am thousand times of adoration cloud military instructor, have been hoping to do obeisance under cloud military instructor door, unfortunately and slowly can not be fulfill a wish."
The www.feiku.com releases cloud English to immediately connect a people's way:"So you is a square the commander in front carried tales to seek a lot of troubles for me, is be not?"
The www.feiku.com releases to see upset air of his face, six capable Be getting more panic a while, quickly stand up a way:"Is not, capable and capable will never dare to have this kind of viewpoint, is just"
The www.feiku.com releases a square commander to come out a dozen of circle fields and slightly put a hand way:"If cloud brothers feels difficult, that even if, even if is that I have never brought up this affair today.I know that this requests it's really a bit excessive, some things is can not literally unauthorized biography, if is really inconvenient that to forget about it."
The www.feiku.com releases cloud English long long of sigh a , and then shake head a way:"Just such as square commander talk, some thing be not with literally and then of can unauthorized biography of.Calculate, this affair I will arrange of, however isn't an induction what way the type of method, but the contacts of the business."
Does the www.feiku.com release the contacts of business?Square commander with six some capable doubt, allow Ying to nod a way:"We invented some props that the ordinary people can use recently and prepared to throw in a market right away, everythings all had already handed over to heart source and small Feng to carry out."
The www.feiku.com releases"can the ordinary people use prop?This, I ain't very understand."The eyebrows of square commander is a little bit some to is wrinkly, doubt of looking at cloud English and Xu Ying and wood You orchid, and smile to sing of Long Xin Yuan, Han Feng.
The www.feiku.com releases"give examples to say, we have a kind of ghost bauer, the shape is similar to the compass, can probe into a square circle 200 meters inside of ghost spirit, at top show red of a little bit small.The ghost spirit is more heavy this is a little bit red also more obvious, but if is to fix for the very high ghost, outstripping impermanent Class perhaps can not close to 20 meters inside, otherwise instrument very easy drive ghost spirit break."Cloud English's taking out one is like a similar watch thing, slightly the demonstration gives square commander with six capable, the operation method is easy, need little spiritual influence very few.
The www.feiku.com releases"this is a kind of very common common pistol, in after some of my reformations, shoot of isn't a general bullet, but the wood system that adheres to have spiritual influence bullet.This kind of bullet is very easily very small to the injury of the common run of people, but meets evil spirit and ghost to annoy the occurrence explode, a box of 50 hair, anyones can use."Cloud English beginning to square the commander promote thing, one taking out of each and every item, speak clear method of using.
The www.feiku.com releases"shoot demon camera, principle and general of camera likeness, inside only have ten scaleboards but can not circulate exploitation.Can take the original shape of devil, most of is meet devil can automatically report to the police.The urgent time can also set off and send out of work properly dint can hurt opposite devil, can't have to the user what influence."
The www.feiku.com releases square's commander very interested in these things, take in the hand again and again have fun, nod a way:"If the effect really includes cloud brothers to describe so good, we order 100 sets first.Don't know has in cloud brothers hand how much?Need much to prepare for a long time?"
The www.feiku.com released Long Xin Yuan to vomit to stick out tongue, surprised way:"100 set?This seemed to be some too, in the our hand only 5 sets as an experiments just, the material isn't problem, creation handicraft but take a lot of time very much.100 sets perhaps aren't what we can undertake, chief this is really difficult we.Give me a month time, we unwillingly can take out 50 sets, again much even the materials were all important to lack."
The www.feiku.com releases cloud English to smile a way:"Chief adult, we this is doing business, you even the prices didn't ask Zhang Kou is 100 sets, not afraid our lion big stammer piece is poor you?"
The www.feiku.com released a square commander to turn a head to see cloud English in a short while and smile to ask a way:"Your meeting?"
The www.feiku.com releases two people to mutually see a to smile, cloud English point nods a way:"Ghost bauer 30,000, work properly wood bullet 20,000, shoot a demon camera 50,000, pistol we are free to present, heart source and small Feng are responsible for training the special kind soldier's use.1 set totals 100,000 pieces of, the chief ordered 50 sets a while and added up to 5,000,000.50 people's training expenses can never mind, but life need to be taken care of ~ for oneself, every day two hours, the school fees oneself's processing that need to be worked overtime to make up missed lesson, six capable because the condition is more quite good, everyday an hour is all right already."
The www.feiku.com releases six capable the pleased smiling face open to quickly nod a way right away:"No problem, now be not there are five sets of samples, capable tomorrow check in.Make great effort toward two senior study, will never dare the slack of having the one silk ten cents."Anyway don't need oneself to pay, can get some advantage is something to earn.
The www.feiku.com releases a square the commander shake to looking at person's an appearances of doesn't matter like cloud English,etc, Zhang Kou along while after just say:"Cloud brothers, you are really malicious, ate up on opening mouth us 5,000,000, see to I demand upward class application increment military expenses.If can really train a group of superiors, this money flower must not wrong."
The www,Cheap Beats By Dre.feiku.com releases cloud English to helplessly shake head, the in the mind inwardly sighs, the rules of way door is really very strange, oneself doesn't belong to a door now, and in the mind's still existing some shadows to let oneself can not completely release.See a square how not stylish in the commander body, but very clean and neat clothes, cloud English nods a way:"I understood, these 5,000,000 square the commander can prepay as well as wait until after our achievements come out again pay, these 50 people will be good good arrangement of, absolutely can't let the chief disappoint."Square commander is what concept he very clear, 50 special kind soldier affirmative is all elite in the elite, six capable must be an one of them, own responsibility seems some big, but task have no how much challenge.
The www.feiku.com releases square the commander is some accidents, cloud English refrained from rash action to allly live dangerously for an instant and became some serious, expressing the Wei coming out to certainly let oneself was also shocked not small, cloud English is remarkable, even if escaped from a way door still deeply can not measure, Be on good terms to is quite good decision with him.At the same time cloud English heart in also make him have some some fellings to his respect, secretly nod, the heart bottom appreciated this profound unfathomable young man more.He usually has already let his own unexpected action, time is a door middleman along with take a ghost, also sought two girl friends, when oneself soon attain peak retreat bravely voluntarily and give up to fix in order to withdraw way boundary, in a moment the effort becomes the big businessman of success.Resolve no longer and way the door have to lead long to pull of he employed without for believe in of believe in lord to do a part-time job for him and also do a prop store of world famous and openly defiant actly exploit a door middleman.
The www.feiku.com releases to differ from general businessman, he combines however Related articles:

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