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Pull I sit down and at quiet looking at Liu Qing to copy, way:"Small shadow, we grew up from small one and and fell in love with the same person now, hereafter even ……"
At this time shadow Liu Mei of Liu Qing suddenly one Shu is treating to refute sharply, but Zhao Ya smile to block to break her of words, selfishly continuous way:"In fact, my understand to you should say not shallow.Small shadow, you are that one is obstinate but rather folds the person that doesn't bend, save the situation by making concessions isn't your personality.So, you still keep loving Wei son now, you can not accept him to have much chemisette reality, either at the same time."
The Liu Qing shadow noodles has no facial expression ground to took a look Zhao Ya and swept me one eye light way:"Everything come and gone for I come serious have been already passed by, now I think a peaceful and serene life and no longer think the affair of those vexed hearts."
Zhao Ya points at a bed the top is sleeping well of the kid say with smile:"Is small to copy, you with the crystallize of Wei son falsely elucidation, can't your predestinations pass by forever?"
On changing, Liu Qing's shadow jade's face's cold way:"Ya Jie, I once said that to isn't me and Wen Jia Wei's kid!"
"You are in the tell a falsehood, small shadow."Zhao Ya resolutely says.
She that calmly but the shape having ready plans to meet a situation make Liu Qing copy a burst of and flurried, whole body one Zhan, slanting lead Qin head the dead dead bite at fresh and red Jiao lips, cold way:"I have no."
"You have."Zhao Ya in two chemisette conflicts obviously occupied the last breeze, besides since childhood Zhao Ya always arrogant, let Liu Qing copied to invisibly have a difficult to express pressure."The Wei son is kidnap of time, week Tao whole family all in the United States, and we once meeteach other at that time.If is small to copy the words that you need a witness, I can let to do obeisance Mr. Lun to tell you, he at that time also at."
Liu Qing copies one earthquake and apprehensived to erratically hope Zhao Ya Sha's eye.
Zhao Ya satisfiedly smiled, thin settle ground to say:"This kid is you and my husband of, is our Wen Jia's descendant, Wen Jia's blood."
"Not!"Liu Qing's shadow hated ground to stare at my one eye, the gnash teeth in hatred ground said:"She is my kid!"
"It is your kid, can be my husband.We, have the same lover.Small shadow, return to together with us, I also prepared to return to country to settle down, I could not felt any happy felling here.But the husband embrace, is our heavens."The Zhao Ya exclamation ground says that take aim my taste deep love style style.
"Probably is your heaven, but in my eyes, as well or hell ……" Liu Qing copies silent a short moment, turn a head to slightly take the ground of Ji Feng to took a look the woman in the deeply drunk's one eye.
"Copy, you why leave me, I need true facts, otherwise all not quiet and peaceful during a lifetime."I profoundly absorbed an one breath and suppressed after come in always Peng Peng frisky heart, the low voice asks a way.
"True facts?"Liu Qing copies a light way, " very importance?Arrived now, I thought that everythings all become vain, you I already impossible.You return to."
"Not, I absolutely can't easily return to, particularly in this kind of time."I resolutely way,Artist Series, " shadow, I have to want a result.Do you know, because you I almost fell into a hell, is pure Yan and little orchid, small cloud, they rescued me, so I just accepted their love.But I the heart bottom has been having a knot, you suddenly leave me to let I 100 think not to get its solution, let I the heart bottom conceal a fracture.I, need true facts."
Liu Qing copies to profoundly stare at me and very long show to finally show unintentionally in the Mou I is familiar to know of engrave a bone gentleness, her wry smile wears a soft track:"Wen Jia Wei, say these now meaningful?"
I keep a stiff upper lip a point to nod and in earnest stare at her, slowly way:"The meaning had very to me.And, I have already decided to pass you."
Liu Qing shadow jade the face is one Zhi, suddenly and fiercely once twisted a Qin head, in a flash a string of drop of tear danced in the wind in the sky, and she sobs a way:"Early know today thus and why the need for and at the beginning?!"
I see her sheding tears, suddenly having muscular spasms in the heart and shouting a way:"Today how again, at the beginning again how?"
Liu Qing copies to slowly become overdo and blinks the show eyes of overflowing the full tears, one word a way:"I, Liu Qing copies and has never disobeyed our asseverations.Did you want to know to take place what affair on that day?"
She sneers at to stare at me a way:"For making my grandpa and father promise the condition of clock house to save you, I and the contract in their label, leave you to come to the United States to settle down,cheap dr dre beats!"
Her speech is like a huge matchless wooden stick to ruthlessly hit on my forehead, I complete Meng, the dizzy paste paste ground looking at her to speak an any words, in the heart but bring about billow great waves:I depend, originally the backstage manipulator is incredibly them!
"For canceling you come to the United States to seek my mind, I intentionally and elder brother Lin Bin the leave betroth.I know that absolutely can't make track for to come with your supercilious personality."
Liu Qing the shadow Qi bitterness ground on smiling, slowly way:"However, I overestimated your love to me.Once thought, although we respectively a few months, you will still keep waiting me, and I also at wait Be heavy to gather with you again after this affair eliminate stop.However, I disappointed, only in less than two months, you unexpectedly had nine women!I don't want to do your tenth woman, hence have to flick sword to cut longing of love ……"
I am again foolish to live, completely don't accept to think fact is unexpectedly such!
Liu Qing copies, she not only didn't betray the love to me, and for the sake of I but Be forced to far walk other place, bear with matchless acute pain of mind with expect to change I of safety,cheap beats by dre.But, when she knows that she has already kept in mind my kid, get of but is the shocking news that I have already found another new sweetheart!
Everything to her, really ruthlessness ruthlessness arrive her to definitely cut off with me of situation!
My pendency heavy skull, don't dare to face to love that painful get incomparable vision, but heart's being like is torn to pieces sort ache.How should I do?How should I do?!I am so loudly in mind to cross-examine myself.
We all sank into a painful mire and was like inside the room the net of quilt invisible cover with, everythings all make me suffocate.
"Small shadow, I feel that you are to underrate your love of Wei son be."Sudden Zhao Ya's voice broke this to make people choking dead Ji, " do you know that the Wei son almost departs from this life after losing you?"
Liu Qing copies whole body an earthquake, title doubt the ground hope Zhao Ya, small mouth Zhang De is huge.
"Although I at that time have no at him nearby, but heard small cloud and small Yan their turn to say, I nerve-racking!Small shadow, Wei son after you leave him, fainted on that day pass by, afterwards send to a hospital have been having no can wake up.Only several day, he ruins bone to sign for the form, the whole individual is like dry skeleton general."
Zhao Ya's tears involuntarily overflows, she the deep feeling ground stare at me slowly continuous way:"Hear, Wei son because at heart save the dead read, just resist the whole medicine, even the nourishment vegetables can not input!Small shadow, Wei son he loses you to die!In addition to breathing, he has already completely lost any instinct of doing the person at that time!"
Liu Qing's shadow listens to tears also if flow out spring, center of palm because of nervous Zuan tight nail but drive laceration but lack self-knowledge.
"Say according to the doctor he the then symptom is all incurable sickness in the world, if wasn't those strange flowers to save Wei son ……" Zhao Ya bitterly on smiling, lightly way:"You can't see him today, while I can't have the man to is such a worth to life long entrust, either!"
"That afterwards he why again ……" Liu Qing copies hoarse the throat low voice ask way, her Qi however ground looking at me, the taste has already had slight variety and hate an idea obviously superficial a lot of.
Zhao Ya hence slowly will I and nine females of the story of relate one by one, then way:"Small shadow, surprising he irresistibility chemisette offensive, because 1 be hurt too deep heart, is impossible to resist live strong breeze shower.But our love to him isn't only a strong breeze shower, is also the Tao billow in the sky, because we were together similar to you, all blended own life with him!"
Liu Qing shuts shadow up eyes, tears cover the face, the cherry lips shiver but can not speak a words.Very long she suddenly opens eyes and profoundly looks at me, soft track:"I will try to eliminate Mi by himself/herself to his hate an idea.However, let me become his 10 ……not, probably now is 20 building madam, I don't Related articles:

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