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, Be trampled by them one stand flesh and blood lousy mire.Hurtle into city Zhai inside after, 60,000 friends that are responsible for an in command of rhinoceros horn monster immediately issue order that all of the rhinoceros horn monster spread out and line up into four lines of phalanxes, quickly push forward forward, its power as if the Tao flood in the sky generally can not impede, those traps that establish in the tent surroundings almost didn't have to any function, easily of then drive these field ice huge monster to break.
When the different clan warrior of those break out of rhinoceros horn monster attack scopes in time still hasn't yet recovered from a fright, the greater terror immediately inherits, indentation break open from the rhinoceros horn monster, a head of head is just the huge wolf that appears in their myth as if the locust pest generally and all over the place hurtled to come in, each time the body of a head of huge wolf up all sit a dominant knight who puts on armor all over.Haven't waited they to respond to come over, the huge wolf foul smell big mouth has already bitten at their neck top, even if run away the attack of huge wolf, can not also run away the war knife in the knight's hand on the wolf back.
The big camp of originally quiet Ping-ho became hell on earth for an instant, all be praised for the crack different clan warrior while facing these monsters, all became the most timid person in the world, throw Kui to unload A to flee elsewhere everywhere, even if someone's trying to resist is easily and then already spread all over the whole wolf of city defense to ride soldier to put out.However the person of those break out of breeze rock cities only from a hell, escaped another hell, intensive arrows rain is in the night sky obscure downfall, heartlessly pierced all from thought to once escape a to rob of different clan Human body body, time is even if dead, still took a silk to rejoice to once escape a to rob on the face of smiling face.
The blood dyes red again dye red the city defense that is cursed, sad and shrill and the bellowing of despair flooded the whole cripple city, they seemed again use in the article of death before and finally one breath, announcing a deicide segment toward the people of this world the tiger and his person's horse already from the hell in come back!

The text chapter 380
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When the ex- camp of different clan big camp sinks into sea of blood, one brigade 20,000 people ride a soldier but quickly escape from battlefield, quick Ma Jia Bian of hurtled to go out from the eastern door of breeze rock city.
At ride the soldier tests a forepart of medium soldier big ensign under, a dress Shan not whole different clan old man is in a group of in full battle arrays of ride a soldier to in the center seem to be very outstanding, he seems and be not good at long ride a horse, drive two ride a soldier to clip betwixt just can saddle horseback, this person would be a tiger can take down the soldier big camp in pass in the jade door and different clan smoothly thus of biggest hero, iron Lei of best spoil minister Wu set.
"Where do this troops, these monsters come?Did the defense line being a Jing state there have an accident?"Wu set part under the care of the escort, ride a horse to run fast, simultaneously turn a head backward, looking at that to often spread the medium soldier that wretched interjection and light of fire hurtle a sky big camp, mutter in, body still just continuously repeatedly tremble because of but.Just while rushing out from the big debt, he then ran into the thunder Be fierce to take the wolf of brigade to ride a soldier, if isn't his nearby close Wei squad to put together a dead protection, and his surroundings of this rides a soldier to arrive to save in time it walks, probably he has already died now at after death that hell in.
"Wu NTU person, if was a Jing state to have an accident, you thought that we return ability from east does the door escape?"In the Wu set not distance a ten thousand men Be long to have never liked the Nu voice of spirit to say:Flash across in"those people all from west the door Be blunt to is incoming, west the door is direction for closing in the jade door, you I clear only afraid now pass in the jade door is already ……" Wu set eyes one silk surprised color, suddenly think of before iron Lei face walk, thousand reiterate ten thousand one soldier of one soldier whom he moves pass in the jade door of instructing to prohibits, have never thought just jade door pass of guard a soldier to adjust out, this place have an accident.The punishment of the at the thought of iron Lei cans not helps afraid in his heart and repeatedly shakes head, artful self-defence way:"Is impossible!Pass in the jade door is all outside our person.North Jiang the big marsh garrisoned tens of thousands battalions again!Even if someone strikes against, also isn't likely to have no one person break out of to report letter!"
"Wu NTU person, please don't be deceiving yourself as well as others again!You also clearly pass affirmation in the jade door fell now,Beats by Dre Just Beats!"The ride a soldier of moreover a ten thousand men are long to turn overdo with angry look stare a Wu set, twist a body to point at to after death and gradually go far go to ground breeze rock city, loudly say:"You have never seen those monsters carry on the back up of ride soldiers to all put a pole to write the whitely black tiger ensign of segment word marking?You think in addition to that field ice hell, there is also the monster that other places probably living so many fearfulnesses?You forgot that into field ice and disappeared deicide segment for a month tiger?I can affirm of say,Beats Solo HD, he has already come back!"The words that this ten thousand men grow make surroundings allly the persons all could not help beating one cold Zhan.Segment tiger ground the fierce have already in the center spread to open in the different clan.Be especially seen by the different clan as the new war absolute being of the Shu hurt at his hand in, after being captured to yield, he then rises steadily in various reputation in the different clan, in some aspects already far far above iron Lei and other different clans will get.This makes a tiger before losing trace and shadow ground segment time inside.They don't dare to strike against Jing state with all strength as well, fearing a tiger will have what scheming.Even if is closing an outside to also stay to there are large numbers of troops, in order to prevent the segment tiger comes over from the big marsh sneak attack.This circumstance until segment tiger rate the soldier get into field ice ground the news get abroad after, just can change.
Previously, no one thinks a tiger can the way lead field ice, even if segment the title that the tiger has invincible world isn't likely to complete for these 1,100 years, no one can attain a ground of heroic act, the many people guesses that he will come to is an end with his teacher Zu, whole army is routed, and then and alone escape a time.But after seeing those monsters that have never seen now, already no one dares again to query whether a tiger passes field ice, in their brains all only a viewpoint, that is a tiger from the field ice in bring back come how much of hellish monster.
The viewpoint of Wu set is also similar to the others, but he still wants to do to answer criticism, hasty voice artful self-defence way:"This is impossible, 1,100 in the last years no one can pass field ice and lead again for 1,100 years also impossible someone can pass field ice,cheap dr dre beats, even if that segment tiger is also similar!And you had to once think, even if they passed field ice, must be that the loss is miserably heavy, we at north the Jiang still has a more than 20 myriad peoples horse, several hundred Wang population, ……"say a Wu set of words sudden, the tone also seems to be not so self-confident mumbling to say:" North have the Jiang already fallen completely?"Once the words of Wu set speak, the owners are all stunned speechless, and a cold idea rises from all public and infuses whole body.They more think that the words that more feel a Wu set might be true, the morale immediately declined to extremity and all resembled the color of Huang discomfort in the owner eyes, also no one talks again, in succession going toward of quick Ma Jia Bian also pacify country big camp of the different clan of territory to rush through.
Only get there, arrive the oneself person's encampment, just can make them feel an in fine threads and safe.
Speed horse of a group of people is the quickest, however a short moment time has already can't seen breeze rock three cities, as long as once turned small forest of one again, being one flat ground and keep and pacify country a territory.
However when they once rounded small forest, owner all stop next horse, because in their suddenly many frontses two hills, but betwixt have a group of personses the horse to block over there.This brigade person's number horse isn't a lot of, also hold torch in only several personal hands, but be good enough to make these different clans warriors for aring rattled clearly see the opposite ride a soldier bottom in the body sits of the monsters are exactly those huge wolves.
The owners all could not help pouring to absorb one mouthful cool spirit at the moment, because when their views concentrate that pole big ensign in the center, saw the name brave warrior great commander soldier that is good enough to make any different clan warrior afraid segment.Under that noodles flag, a war with dominant figure will wear Vinaceous Rosefinch Kui and wear fire scales and shell and hold a raging flames cold month two absolute being soldier, the feet across from cloud monster, like war absolute being the general vehemence is extraordinary, from the helmet inside as if cold star the general tiger eyes projected of icy cold view, be good enough to make owner all is of afraid, world like person of this vehemence isn't a tiger is who again.
The vehemence of segment tiger is infinite at this time that Qing a life time facial appearance enlarge, even if being Wu Wa Er in the heart of these different clan warriors can not also draw on Related articles:

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