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Was hard to tackle ground of to push to come up from the behind, black hole hole ground the gun muzzle pointed to hilltop, Wu Chang celebrated to temporarily come to spirit, toward backing down of Huai non-commissioned officer the soldier loudly shout:"The brotherses, the cannon camp came up and prepared for me to assault!The first is blunt to climb mountain a head of praise 102 silvers!Cringe not the former ……kill!"Say Wu Chang celebrates and makes an effort one waist knife of flicking and blocks the waist to a deserter who withdraws in defeat oneself nearby on flicking two pieces, one is red-blooded from die a tragic death of soldier body up wildly spray but, splashed Wu Chang to celebrate one face whole body.The night view that is black to get dark next, Wu Chang celebrates of the face seem to be more ferocious.Those soldiers who back down were tremble with fear, had to turn a bottom, again gingerly climbed up toward the top of hill.
"Adult, how?Top of hill Zu is the shot fierce?"
Li Hong Zhang just at underneath Dian wear toe dynasty the top of hill is made an effort to hope to go and heard the there is someone behind walking to come up to ask him."Save three?!
How did you come up?"Once Li Hong Zhang turn head and see the behind come up of is that the Liu Mingchuan surprise ground that serves as to break behind faced up.
Liu Mingchuan has some misgivings ground to say:"The mean person hears in the behind the front contain action and come up and see, how, just seemed cannon voice, is the main force that delivers bandit here?"
"Who know that this helps hair bandit is where come out to come!Clearly the number isn't a lot of, but has big gun to help ……"Li Hong Zhang helplessly shook to shake head.The color of the sky is really too late, Li Hong Zhang sees light of fire in the half mountain twinkle and bomb however the voice isn't unique, really don't know this be not what artillery, but the land mine explodes.Just offended this very small hilltop to let Wu Chang celebrates of celebrated a word camp to die or injure more than ten persons, this also makes Li Hong Zhang doubt that the top of hill is to have heavy artillery to be helping."Save third, of just right, you send right away the person goes to the behind and broke the hair bandit back route for me!"
Liu Mingchuan tooks a look the hilltop of black You You and makes an effort a point to nod"the commander in chief trust!I organize right away the under charge give°s this hilltop to round and hurtles up from the behind and definitely let the hair bandit of top of hill not to walk to take off one person!"Liu Mingchuan is after promising turns round a big step toward behind walking to, walk while having some doubts to in whisper soliloquize."Be getting more strange, so small hilltop, which come of artillery,cheap dr dre beats?"
"Bomb!Bomb!"Li Yi just withdrew to arrive halfway up a hill, from the summit of hill spread a few huge ring, the earth kept shivering and trembled ground to make people lose ground.Along with bellow a voice, the crushed stones breaks a tree to in the sky dance in the wind, suddenly the ground fell down.Red armed escort originally of the battlefield cover with a black smoke at the one in.Red simply keeping twinkling immediately after rises more smokes in the smoke.
"Niang of, the captain still really has already become fairy!If don't withdraw, didn't we all not kill by explosion for enemy now?!Darling, this is how many big guns at beat?"The red armed escort member of team keep announcing their the feelings of they's admiration to the captain and see thus to the Huai soldier at the same time arise from F to feel a bit unimaginable.
"Pair captain, the captain seeks you!"A member of team run to walk fore the noodles carefully explores road of Li Yi nearby say.
"Like, big Liu takes member of team first fore the noodles walks, I arrive the captain there see."Li Yi gives an account for a while nearby of Liu Jian Hua, see big Liu nod to promise and trust ground dynasty the top of hill walked up.
"Captain, what affair?"When Li Yi arrived to captain there, see Wang Wen Li is lying in the temporary load of that does in the tree branch to tightly grind teeth to close tiny shut a double of eyes, Li Yi Fu asked a way in the captain ear small voice.
Wang Wen Li opens eyes hard, the hard way small voice says:"Old Liu is the enemy's main force here, appear enemy's main force to report here right away to superior!Have to be quick!"Finish saying Wang Wen Li again shut last eyes.Shutting worthy of a look Wang Wen Li to have some to regret to only want to steal an enemy at that time now is a , the enemy sees appearance is want to escape a time rather the wave goes, at that time if notify this intelligence report to the superior first how good?!
"I understood captain, you had peace of mind a rest."Li Yi promises a way and immediately after lift up head small to two red armed escort member of team who are lifting captain voice explaination way:"Lift a little bit more steadily, don't vibrate too much.The captain cans not stand to jolt.Do you know?"
"Pair captain, big Liu Shuo hears the south contain action and seemed enemy to touch come up from the behind!"A member of team urgently and in a hurry rush Li Yi to nearby and anxiously say."Know!Is so loudly dry what?!Have never seen captain is taking a rest?"Li Yi saw the eye lie on the load the captain on, the low voice hurtles that member of team Xun to scold a way:"What very nervous of, does the enemy still need to acquaint with to the geography here than us?Tell big Liu to lead the anterior brothers carefully rounds in the past, I is a front right away!"
Below the hills spread the voice of Su Su from the southwest direction, the tree branch keeps fluttering, the crow having already fallen asleep is waked up with a start, rush toward fly to the air, on the grove without intermission the Wa Wa blare to call."Captain Lee there has action!Isn't an enemy to come up from the behind?"Li Yi just arrived a front, Liu Jian Hua lightly walked to come over, and the small voice says."I have already sent person to see to that direction."
"Let the member of team from the southeast direction right away along the gully withdraws!Only multiply by a sky black get into forest we safety!We think a way again to go down south when the time comes."Li Yi saw the southwest of the eye, wrinkly eyebrows the small voice say.
"Go down south?No longer harass an enemy,Artist Series?"Liu Jian Hua doesn't understand that the ground counter-questions a way.
"Rightness!Silently go down south to seek main force!The telling member of team must think the way appear enemy's main force in the affair here and make collective report to the main force!"Li Yi low voice affirmation the ground say and immediately after take the lead concealed have no in the thick forest.
Several ten red armed escort members cover in the cope of night under, a silently has no an interest ground to disappear to be missing in the dark sky of set mountain area.

Chapter 9

A burst of mountain breeze once blows and emitted green smoke of tree branch the red light twinkle and light some Mars to burst out but, the dynasty flies to spread on all sides.Is all cripple tree crushed stones everywhere on the hilltop, damply spread all over the ground of thick leaf up closely spread all over various play pit, play pit of surrounding those wet leaves not know be deep-fried where go to, peeped out the mud of burned black, send out strong nitric smoke from play the pit smell, the curling up in the air black smoke slowly rises gathering from everywhere play the pit at numb top of hill empty, float to die in the deeply night view with the breeze.Appeared a few figures that the black pastes stick in the hilltop, just and carefully search everywhere what.Hilltop in addition to is blunt to come up of Huai non-commissioned officer the soldier have no another of what person exist, the always anxious Huai non-commissioned officer soldier saw top of hill no one, inching tone, long the heart hanging put down.
Wu Chang celebrates to pour to lift waist knife and takes a stroll everywhere in the hilltop, no one's hilltop makes Wu Chang celebrate heart in a burst of and anxious.Clearly the top of hill has hair bandit of how hurtled to come up to connect a ghost shadows all unable to find?!Those hair bandit all drive deep-fried become ash not become?Fill with anger to have no place Wu Chang who vent to celebrate really is to have no place to vent, can often use waist knife to chop down here, there Tong Tong, want to find out to conceal of hair bandit.
"Adult, underneath someone came up!"There is very sharp soldier's ear, hear the tree branch disorderly Zhan in half hillside of northwest, have what person positive party in government up climb to come over, hurriedly ran to Wu Chang to celebrate to nearby call.
The mood that Wu Chang celebrates to originally fall low upsurges right away and looks about head to make an effort with a downward exposure noodles to hope.Behind come up?Huai soldier all in the east, there in addition to hair what person does the bandit still have?!"Quickly, the whole brigade,Beats Detox!Deliver bandit Be about to come up!"
Because Wu Chang celebrates nervously a shout voice and celebrate a word camp right away the government troops is again pressing, the whole flurried form that likes a brigade, the gun muzzle of one row row black hole hole points to the Yu Yu spring onion spring onion difficult to know forest.
Wu Chang celebrates to raise Gao waist knife, pole eyes with a downward exposure the noodles hope, the forest edge appeared numerous misty of bend the body of shadow of human figure, just at strongly and with an upward exposure the noodles climbed to come up."Prepare ……put!"Horizontal eyebrow with angry look of Wu Chang celebrate to emphatically flick to fall in to raise Gao of waist knife.
In bang however huge sound, the soldier of rear row walks to front the row is immediately after again a gun to ring, the hilltop green smoke fills the air and sends forth a Qiang person's smell of gunpowder in the air.Wu Chang celebrates to is satisfied with that the ground sees those upwards blunt hair bandit someone be often shot, keep having muscular spasms in the gun voice Related articles:

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