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The Emperor entered for the imperial government surroundings of core, that Huan again brave doing not dare as well the Zong soldier's east.
See ground in the eye China topic once a turned to say:"However Huan Wen Tun Shi, Wu Chang Ri, is long, on the contrary place imperial government and everybody minister work in not righteousness territory ground."
"This is why?"Take charge of horse and Yan Hao to hurriedly ask a way.
"The Huan male Tun is at Wu Chang, and spread Xi everywhere, enounce oneself because dint lord Northern Expedition but can not get imperial government ground to respond to, hence temporarily arouse an anger to make the handsome armed forces dint Jian imperial government issue imperial edict a teacher China.Thus and since then, imperial government not is to is content to one corner, forget past country nation.Abandon ancestor memorial park?The prestige of this imperial government and virtuous hope will throw completely in the world public."Once the China positive color said.
A burst of and silent behind, the Yan Hao for a long time just difficultly asks a way:"Once the north of town ever teacher river Luo, now there ground how is circumstance?"
See to Yan Hao a back not and rise so the earth criminal charges, take charge of a horse to perhaps also carry on the back not rise this criminal charges.
"The Fu Jian only has a troops and horses however 50,000, have already been put together a half by me, now close Long with me mutually Be held to a Hong agriculture, once the last Luo take, the large force is to the utmost halted to a Xia county, new Anne, proper sun, pond, six Hun(now Song county northeast in Henan) front line."Once China had ready plans to meet a situation ground to say.
Hear here, Yan Hao and department facial expression horse not from a pleased.Hurriedly ask a way:"Say so.That north Yu state a take?"
Once China continued to answer a way:"Time mutually king and medium soldier.This allows Chang north the Yu state is a Fu Jian to rend from false Zhao Yu Zhou to stab a history piece to meet of hand, the groundwork is originally unsteady.If medium the soldier match fatty, life spring, or can keep into Xu Chang from Chen Jun, or can keep into Chen Liu, glory sun from beam county, line up soldiers river Luo, pointing the day can reply past all memorial park."
Hear here, department horse and eyes of Yan Hao almost at give out light.See to once the vision of China also more enthusiasm.
"I can send army to invite to fight a false week Fu Jian at the Xia county, but Huan male soldier's southern sun and Henan, the words like this false week troops and horses is gathered to Henan, glory sun, Chen Liu, north Yu state etc. east line troops and horses empty, is exactly the inning of resort to arms."Once China strikes while iron is hot.
Take charge of
The Yan Hao overflows towards seeing one eye, pleased idea not talking but.
"However the medium soldier adult wants to notice, Fu Jian although the vitality greatly harms,the vitality rides a soldier hurts very tiny.This north Yu state plain, mound maneuvers.It have a little bit carelessly and then probably be rushed a set of to mount sudden attack.Is ex- to advertise for north great commander soldier be because lightly north the ground ride a soldier to just encounter fiasco.Hope medium soldier adult to bear in mind."Once China dignifiedly said.Although he hopes the real strenght that Yan Hao and Huan make an effort and rob river Luo, that bone, weaken Fu Jian for him,he doesn't hope they are suffered utter defeat by the Fu Jian.Huan he a little bit can trust.Can this Yan Hao once China is how didn't trust as well, so just handed over to treat thus.
The point of Yan Hao nods and mean that recording is in mind.Although he still despises once now China,the somebody else is after all a true true knife gun fore the line put together to once kill, the military merit of that He He isn't to blow out, since he formally hands over to treat, can not is wrong naturally.Although he still doesn't know how vanquish Fu Jian, he knows, once oneself is similar to to suffer utter defeat, so Huan will lend machine to send memorandum to impeach himself/herself, till then who also can not guarantee oneself.
Being in mind and silent to think is a burst of, Yan Hao's end to take charge of Ma Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Se's way:"In the tomorrow dynasty, I want ascend form from invite Northern Expedition, also please mutually a king to mediate to help from it."
Take charge of exultation horse's way:"The deep source can have this high ambition and is exactly expected by imperial government, world common people look forward to."
The Yan Hao changed direction China and Xun Xian to once say:"Still ask Xu Ping-ho to make then can help me to recover river Luo, the Hao thanked here!"
Once China and Xun Xian hurriedly answered a gift way:"The medium soldier adult is getting more polite, this is that I wait this of matter."
Once China immediately after said:"Want ~only imperial government Northern Expedition imperial enactment, issue on order Huan Mr. the teacher is southern sun and Henan respond to, so Huan Mr. don't lend again halt soldier, Wu Chang, , will flick teacher Xiang naturally sun to prepare Northern Expedition to go."
Take charge of a horse and Yan Hao great way:"Is positive even such as the Xu talk, thus very good!"
Finish talking proper business, Yan Hao again turn to arrive imperial government nowadays most importantly in the affair, handle to Cai Mo Di.
The Yan Hao says:"Mutually king, this Cai Mo thus not minister, be to go capital punishment(death penalty)."
Once once China listenned to and got a fright, this Yan Hao also hated to order too much, wanted to sign Wei to also have no call to sign with the head of Cai Mo Di person.
The Xun Xian speaks to advise a way at this time:"Medium soldier, weigh Xing thus perhaps not satisfactory.If capital punishment Cai Mo, afraid of world well-known scholar frightened, but river up(Jing Xiang) again have already lent.This Cai Mo is first the teacher of emperor, world well-known scholar."
The Yan Hao hears here, then hesitant in the heart.
Once China connects a people's way:"Is now then just when delicate of, not equal to with general situation stability is heavy.On the this Cai Mo such Ao, spread Zhao to devaluate for the common people can."
Take charge of a horse to nod a great way:"Can immediately show imperial government like this thus and very good dignity, and then can fondle public heart."
See thus, the Yan Hao also followed a ladder down.
Immediately after, once China after taking charge of horse and Yan Hao and welling know to their owning importances, started thoroughly a heel department the horse and Yan Hao haggled and saw a side kept silence of the gape of Xun Xian, the in the mind was a burst of to admire.
The second day, once China was formally last dynasty noodles saint, the 8-year-old emperor was very interested in to this military merit imposing famous general, asked many affairs for fighting, once China also followed small Emperor of meaning, spoke several pieces to him the affair stired interestingly the emperor roared with laughter and didn't already rejoice.
Immediately after spread a Zhao worry in Huang Men Shi the Fan read Zhao and added a Walt to once enter, town north great commander soldier, Anne's west mostly protect, opened a mansion instrument together three department, made to hold stanza, all Du Yong, Qin, benefit, beam, combine five state militaries, Yong state herding, added to found a nation Wu Chang Xuan Mr., the county county matter job cheap line of right governed.
For a while, imperial enactment's cluster minister immediately Hua however, hand over head to connect an ear in succession.Front that appreciates everyone's doesn't matter, but the last"the state county county matter governed job cheap line of right" is fishy.Everyone knows at once the skill of China conducted under, this Yong and four states of Qin, benefit and beam like iron bucket general, the imperial government basically put not up, and in the center still acrossed a Jing Xiang, river's east set up Kang to make more not last strength.Once China covered up tracks in own site, but that just secretly of affair, the imperial government is semi-overtly almost an acknowledgement now the half autonomy of China site once,beats by dre pro, this was how will all this end.
Take charge of a horse to know many ideas of minister works, but he is helpless.First, he had to ask for help of the influence of China to once match Huan, didn't give to order an advantage how be willing to the somebody else work hard to work harder?So the official position, power can not compare Huan Wen Di, just can attain imperial government like this both Be balanced to lead long to make a ground of function.
Second, the imperial government leaves benefit, beam state and pass Long too far.Close Long still front even if, this benefit beam two states can have no a little person to think of a plan.This in the last years imperial government also send some people to there sound out sex ground serve as county, county official position, the result has no for two days drive once China ground knot righteousness brothers benefit state sting history Zhang Shou and beam state stabbed a history sweet sought lend° impeach.If the imperial government insists to substitute, Zhang Shou, sweet send them even insurrection or come forward line, then once China directly lent a people battle dint not, borrowing to hold stanza wartime could cut 2,000 stone the officials' power, a knife chopped, again the last form says those people to cause disruption battleplane and invite defeat.Result river east again no one dare to go China magistracy once worked, all of the yonder everyplace officials became China ground Di to once fasten person's horse.
Although once China still did than Huan of, but he was strict"according to the regulation system of imperial government" to handle affairs of, still had reason to have than the Huan management place according to, make the imperial government helpless to this.Soldier prison ground in the right prison holds at once China hand in, who ability Nai he what?Cancel his to hold stanza or all Du official position, who dare to promise him not anti-?If force him toward Huan, two soldiers synthesize a , agreeable river but bottom, this set up Kang and then is some kind of again big Be getting more difficult.Since it is so, the imperial government still rather rides with the current and publicly recognizes tacitly this half autonomy status and once is one personal feeling for China.
Come down is a Yan Hao to appear.He last form from invite Northern Expedition, and please close Long and Jing Xiang to send army help.The emperor endorses and spread Zhao to do obeisance on the spot Yan Hao for advertise for the north great commander soldier, hold stanza, all Du Yang, Yu, slowly, 兗 , green, take charge of six states various Related articles:

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