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Jot down, studied sun moon and stars figure for few decades, plus there is still a spool of evil a sky on the body.The strategies of this aspect, return is really difficult don't pour D thou.
At present, D thou the most violent magic weapon of body, is a sun moon and stars diagram naturally, in those early years this description on the magic weapon, just spoke out the ability of this magic weapon one part, if there are also more extraordinary effects, , in the research in D thou, be scooped out gradually.
But, the most effective, is understood a stars operation of mysterious, the D thou intends to seek a leisure, own of achievement method again improve some kind of.Have to say, this evil plan is the good trifle of a best.Understand is a good thing, don't understand, is one Tuo garbage, unless have stars diagram this waits treasure thing as to enlighten to educate a book, this enlighten, was several decades, just at last made the D ancient to enter door.Otherwise, research deeply that day evil plan, time need, will be more.
"Now that Mr. Ding anxiously come to visit me colourful Xuan Ge, that I purple rhyme smoke also not refuse the guest is at a long distance outside!"Purple rhyme smoke the voice of the clear and crisp Lang Lang spreads, moment, surroundings of everything, all disappear of without a trace, the glory converts in, D ancient several people have already stood at work properly Yun before the palace.
Work properly Yun is a very big garden pond before the palace, fully have several ten acres of, inside the garden pond, plant full blue radiant lotus, also have other some strange flowers wonderful grass, repeatedly fragrant mix up in the algidity, let public absolute being is of a great.
The spiritual influence is enough big of, the D thou feels deeply about a , pitiful, own ancient joss-stick hole mansion, have no so thick spiritual influence, compare with this hole mansion, oneself was that hole mansion, like refugee's camp.
Ding Gu decides that unless seek refuge, hereafter can't go there any further, throw a person too much.
The real strenght margin is big, but, this is poor rich margin is larger.

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"Ha ha, separate the tenth, at the right moment should we the engagement on that day, came to visit a rightness on the tenth, it is said that the expensive parties contains 7 people, how without one person, might it not be, the Pan sent but went to!"
"Break wind!"Red cloud Nu Chi weeping over is 1, fling out a magic weapon, inherit a thou toward the D.
A frailty rings, the D thou beckons with the hand to take back to fly sword and smiled to smile, way:"Does the miss why the need for make moves to harm a person.In fact, my etc. is the mind that feels peaceful to come to visit, but, the expensive parties was to also divide too much and unexpectedly trapped my several people for four days in enough to spare, entertain guest really of no consequence of way!"
"Hum, Mr. Ding how many really want to come to peaceably visit?"
"That's right, we are to want to beat to come and put out colourful Xuan Ge!"The small bird flies the fire of suppressing one belly, that extensive stars is blue to work properly the power of ball really is too fierce, fierce must let the small bird fly to eat to the utmost suffering, ruined three magic weapons.
"Why?"Although some surpluses, but, the purple rhyme smoke still asked out.
"The weak at the mercy of the strong, truth is from time immemorial, purple miss, talk why the need for and more!"The thou of the D smiled to smile and flew sword to in a very short moment and then offend to weep over of red cloud in front.
Is pitiful, purple rhyme smoke drive D thou so one chamber, and then meet with long-standing enemy, the sword in the breeze, momentary, there is also no the opportunity of message of reply.
Gloomy lilac and Xuan Zhi to last is a small bird to fly, another two females, the opponent is then a dragon.
Red cloud of weeping over is this woman, the real strenght is very violent, the attribute of magic trick is a fire attribute and fly sword to make moves, direct take to cover with of red flame, to D thou set of come, unexpectedly came up and then used move.See, in the heart to D thou, is hate pole.
Flame of covering with don't and near body, white being then let out by the thou of D protects a body to block in the outside.The thou of the D doesn't like very much a supplementary top that other meanses are on the sword.Having no a necessity is completely the plot that wastes power.
What that covered with red red flame, around hover around at the D thou, like one petal petal red lotus.However, this red lotus petal ever and anon vomit red red flame and burn Zhi D for thou of protect a body.
Another one side, do 2 people wear sword still in the Dou.This little girl is really enough malicious, however, the real strenght is also very sturdy, of no consequence vase.
There, the sword in the breeze obviously thinks again continuous front good luck, again let out the bones lock heart hammer.That hammer son is been used to trap a person.Basically is a trap one quasi-.After tying up purple rhyme smoke, five skulls with big Dou roar, green flame spewed out to cover with, connect to take an endlessly evil head, at be been blue by one regiment light the purple rhyme smoke covered with around hover around roar to swallow to vomit,Beats by Dre Electroplating, the threatening force frightens a person, and the power also really frightens a person.
Is helpless under, originally think that everywhere the sword in the moderate breezes the purple rhyme smoke of sword method has to face this bombing of violent magic weapon to roast, the Yao breaks otherwise.Sword affirmation in the breeze meets once.Put once.
This year, who know, what effective use what.
Suppressed full of pent-up angerly small bird to fly,cheap beats by dre, hand dance long gun, pear blossom, whitely pear flower in, the murderous look is full of life.It is on impulse.Ate big Kui, want a woman naturally the body is from these up find back.
Although know that lilac and D know for thou.But, that was after all in the past, since stood now just across the street, that is the enemy, oppose a person, the small bird flies, always all can't easily the Rao lead.At most the immortalization drops the dollar of lilac absolute being.
However, the technique of gloomy lilac, pour is let the small bird fly a bit surprised, didn't see for several years,Beats By Dre In Ear, this woman, unexpectedly have already attained such state, see, these 50 years, also do after bitterness.
Is old four and old 31 ratios, this real strenght is some margins, anotherly don't say, this means on the recruit type, differed gloomy lilac not only two raise.
However, this little girl is also resourceful, once the delicate small hand flick, immediately, the light of fire covering with sprays to flow out but, in the sky, change magically into several hundred fire snakes of thunder and lightning forms, the moment flies small bird to addict to it inside.
This year, the player let out magic trick, basically is to can hardly avoid being seen ground, particularly is beside and someone leads long to make a ground of circumstance under, can can be added by magic trick body.
Small bird's flying originally is the guy for playing with fire, particularly, was still slavering 5 of opposite that little girl in the heart, saw the fire snake that the other party let out, laughed behind one's backed in the heart.Fly sword a horizontal, let out thousands of flame, like riotous flower petal general, afloat fly in the small bird of body surroundings.
This waits magic trick, use to protect a body, positive accommodation.
Run into going together, see respectively means.Small bird's flying a ground of flame is a sky, G Ya gold Rong sells fire, the power is very violent, mainly strong on the defense, general nine rankses fly sword and is stained with a side, direct be burned into iron water.
And Xuan Zhi ground flame but is red gold thunder fire in the sky, mainly is to is also strong on the attack, the speed is very quick, attackstones frequency Gao.
Two fires collide with each other, the result nature is the spark for covering with, unexpectedly enemy more or less equal.
In this way, the little girl of Xuan Zhi can be dissatisfied with and continued to add dint and let out more flames, devastate small bird to fly, help three elder sisters to destroy this violent enemy.
A dragon is most depressed, face old five old seven, he completely be humiliate a person, opposite pair little girl's going out is probably still a superior, but, with Long Bi, the margin really isn't small, simply depending to fly sword forces two female signs of danger appearing everywhere, even put the opportunities of magic trick all have no.
Is depressed old five open mouth to spew out a thing, but is the small bead son in a thin yellow, small bead son in the sky and suddenly and leisurely for a while, mercilessly bump on a shoulder of dragon, direct broke through a shoulder of dragon.
"I depend, that is what trifle, speed such of quick!"A dragon doesn't already is depressed, the bead sub- speed of the other party was too really terror, oneself connected the opportunities of reaction all have no, if isn't body independence to step aside, perhaps, this bead son once wears of, is own heart.
Is so-called to fail miserably in a very easy task, say of is a depressed dragon.
Despising any opponent in the middle of fixing true boundary is all fatal.Long time ago, a dragon understood this truth, but, this lesson, but is last must be very meaningful, again wake a dragon up Related articles:

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