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Chapter 439 old natural rivals
Can the words are to say so, the influence of Luo's sun is in the west, and Liu Bei is the green state that hides in the east, this east a west, Luo's sun wants to deal with Liu Bei, but is also good nothing important way!Is helpless under, Luo's sun also only temporary let go of this matter, immediately is again a Mi to hum a way since eyes:"This male Sun Zan's greed is perhaps also not small!These in the last years, the Gu lets he at hope that state and You state are to lead too comfortablely!"
"Lord male!Not if let the end will lead a group of personses' horse and directly kill to hope state!"Start to please to fight of, but is Huang Zhong's baby, son, Huang Xu, , , after Yong state already settle, Huang Zhong also returned to Jing state to be his Jing state sting history, however is Huang Xu Liu at Luo's sun is nearby.Huang Xu was also a miscellaneous number general now, here Chang-an inside the city, also at last can count!Just this yellow Xu is also young and impetuous, pour is a before similar to his Lao Tze Pi.Sees Huang Xu Man Lian Ao however ground saying:"Early listen to white Ma Yi whom the somebody else say that male Sun Zan's under charge from without equal in strength!The end will pour to and see, exactly is a white Ma Yi from severe, still we of emit blade to lightly ride violent!"
To Huang Xu please fight, Luo's sun is just report it with the smile, but is don't say more what, but turn a head to hope to other several people, seem is at in hopes of their answer.Signed them to graduate from the green college of city together with Yi book and Liao immediately, arrived Zhang Song's station that the Yong state worked to start, smiled to say to Huang Xu:"Yellow general, your this way perhaps temporarily is can't carry out!The sphere of influence of our sphere of influences and male Sun Zan in the center, but is separated a Cao to hold!At present the Cao holds already occupy combine state and Yan state, but is at the right moment will we with Mr. Sun Zan box off to open!Thus, our troops and horseses wasn't likely to once round Cao to hold to strike against male Sun Zan!"
"E!"Listen to Zhang Song so on saying, Huang Xu this just thinks of this Chi and right away would is to ashamedly grasp to grasp back part of skull, red the face sit to return to his/her own position.
But the piece is loose after explaining for Huang Xu, then continue to say to the Luo sun arch:"Lord male!Belong to next think, for male Sun Zan's request, lord Mr. might as well promise first!Three year agos, male Sun Zan's sending the battalion of is held a dozen by the Cao in the Yan state whole army is routed, Mr. Sun Zan Xin in is not likely to don't record to hate Cao to hold!We greatly can in this aspect much under order an effort!If can provoke male Sun Zan hold with Cao to open hostilities!Pour don't lose to a good way as well!"
"?"Listen to Zhang Song put forward such a suggest, Luo sun should a , but is lowered the head to deliberate.The piece is loose of the way's pouring don't lose to a good way as well.However is very quick,is another person station to start, is a dry young among the text minister of raise Chu's method positive, the method positive clear voice says:"Lord male!Belong to next think, open widely the person lifts of this suggests to go!"
Glimpsing a method is positive, Zhang Song's pouring don't also say what, ever since that time when the green college of city went to school in those early years, 2 people usually accustomed to for some affairs arguing, this being already. Even if is several year agos after 2 people go into official, this trouble still don't change, 2 people be still usually the political views is unsuited to but quarrels, so see a method positive and negative to own opinion, Zhang Song didn't feel surprised and on the contrary had interest ground to hope to the method is positive, expecting a method is canning speak what kind of speech.The method smiled to smile over against Zhang Song, immediately the clear voice says:"Lord male!That male Sun Zan surely heart in dark hate Cao to hold, but male Sun Zan is not a simpleton either!Present Cao's holding isn't three year agos that Tung Zhuo together party!With one action exterminated a cow to assist of cripple left over strength quantity after, the Cao holds is also became big fellow loyal minister!Male Sun Zan in spite of want to seek Cao to hold to revenge more, there is no from the head, that doesn't dare to act rashly as well!"
Listen to properly and just and so on saying, Zhang Song signed a horse to defy to annoy and would was to answer criticism a way right away:"Method adult this speech differs Yi!Male Sun Zan is this person again is that kind of to work forward-looking behind attend to of person?At the beginning he for the sake of unification You state, unexpectedly give° deeply popular Liu Yu to harm dead!Its person it suffices to show brave pack day!And stop at nothing for reaching a purpose!If can really provoke he holds with Cao of the relation of , male Sun Zan settle however will again send army Yan state!"
"Is impossible!"For piece loose Bian speech, method just thinking all need not think, be negate, once turning round to face Zhang Song is simply be say:"Open widely a person!This is momentary that momentary!Male Sun Zan harms to kill Liu Yu on that day, that because Liu Yu is in You the influence of the state more and more big, Mr. Sun Zan for the sake of the self-preservation, against will would this inadvisable plan!But now Mr. Sun Zan sit to hug You state and hope state and green state, prospect without can capacity!Again will are some gratitude and revenges for the sake of the past days, but adventure is it?"
Momentary, the piece is loose and method positive 2 people Be simply to argue inside the hall at the argument matter, you a talk me a , but is who can not also persuade who.In of public but early become accustomed to this circumstance, it is mutual to see wry smile to get up all.If side person, that is to positively don't dare at the Luo sun in front thus unbridled, just all of these 2 people are Luos the youth great talent of the sun under charge, enjoy Luo's sun to spoil letter, and Luo's sun seem also happy must see them two like this argument, always all make no noise arrestment.Luo's sun all had no an opinion, that others couldn't say more what more.
So, 2 people fully fought about a many hours, noisy their throat eyes all emit smoke, this just stopped down.And Luo's sun is to listen to keep doze, see 2 people are to come to a stop on the whole, Luo's sun also no longer asks more, very obviously, 2 people still who didn't also persuade who!Right away Luo's sun woulds be a station to start and stretched one lazy waist, the whole back is immediately a Pa in the Mao of make ring, Luo's sun lightly says with smile:"Since various Mr. still could not take now what the opinion for solving, this matter temporary negotiates here!The everybody temporary returns to, the tomorrow passes for Gu a respectively of opinion, the Gu comes to decide again by that time!Everyone keeps on backing!"
With usually similar, as long as method just with after Zhang Song Liang people argue be over, Luo's sun would is to directly declare meeting be over.Have already negotiated other affairs to all finish luckily and previously, otherwise, this stills really holds up an affair!Listen to Luo sun hair words, include the method is positive, Zhang Song Liang people at inside, public all is to start, do obeisance a way toward Luo's sun:"Send a lord respectfullly Mr.!"
Luo's sun at random put to put a hand and would was path to go straight argument matter hall, but follow behind Luo's sun for several years of close soldier leader Li Gui, see Luo's sun come out, hurriedly is come forward to give° the cape Luo sun to throw on.Now just just go into spring, the ground of this Yong state is unlike Xiang sun and Chengdu, the algidity here still very heavy of, although the body of Luo's sun is actually strong,is the close soldier of Luo's sun, Li Gui still wants to the utmost ascend own job.
The title makes the hospital walk of Luo's sun, the but again took back a step, but did a signal to Li Gui.After seeing this signal, Li Gui signs a horse to would be to understand and right away would be to embrace once the boxing do obeisance and turned round and then walked.But Luo's sun is then or so the maidservant tooking a look, seeing an at the right moment pass by, Luo's sun right away would is to beckon with the hand to shout a way:"You, come over!"
That maidservant however is mutually a rock-bottom great commander soldier your home bottom person, see Luo's sun Zhao, where dare to ask more what, lower the head, would be to run in quick time to the in front of Luo's sun, once the Ying Ying do obeisance, the low voice says:"The maidservant once sees Wang Ye!"
"H'm!"Luo's sun ordered to nod and said to that maidservant:"You and send word to the princess, say that the Gu has a little a matter, go out 1!H'm, the Gu doesn't come back tonight!"
Listen to the order of Luo's sun, that maidservant hurriedly nods to say:"The maidservant follows instructions!Maidservant this goes to and sends word for Wang Ye!"See Luo's sun toward he or she flick wave hand, that maidservant this just turn round, small ran hereafter a hospital to run to.And Luo's sun looking at a that maidservant cursory figure, is also not from must burst out laughing, see come from F is also really and completely adapted to this ages, this kind of affair that sends word, also want to order now the person do, if this changes to make originally oneself in future generations, that is to basically think can't think of affair.
In Luo's sun just thinking wear absentminded of time, Li Gui runs back again and toward Luo's sun to embrace once the boxing do obeisance and sink a voice to say:"Lord male!Everythings all have already arranged appropriate!Is the wagon waiting in the back door!"But listen to the words of finishing Li Gui, Luo's sun woulded be to order to nod, should a , then expensively lead at Lee under, the path keeps to walk toward the back door direction of great commander soldier mansion.
And this time, that maidservant already arrive back yard of set of rooms, in the set of rooms, the positive wife of Luo's sun is also a big fellow long princess Liu Ying Ji, is descending in waiting upon of a few old maid - in - waitingses at the moment dress.Passed by so for several years, Liu Ying Ji also no longer be like followed behind Luo in those early years the sun break out of Luo sun that sort was green to be getting more puckery, on the contrary many several be divided into familiar and charmingly feminine, especially that body form becomes a plumper circle smooth, in the reflecting of light yarn under the Chen, seem to be more and more captivating!
Listen to after finishing the maidservant as sending word of Luo's sun, Liu Ying Ji at the right moment wore to like dress Shan, didn't also say what, just lightly Han head, the sweet girlish voice says:"H'm, the this matter Ai house knew!Back bottom!"
But wait until after that maidservant keep on backing, before have been being waiting upon two old maid - in - waitings that Liu Ying Ji wears dress but made mutually a look in the eyes, an among those the bodies form was suddenlysome the old maid - in - waitings growing fat suddenly toward the maid-in-waiting waiting upon inside the room to put to put a hand and say:"The princess had no call to you to wait upon!You all keep on backing!"
This old maid-in-waiting is in the authority in the this side building but not low, those young maid - in - waitings' having no 1 to dare doesn't listen to of, in addition to Liu Ying Ji and two old maid - in - waitings, others all toward Liu Ying Ji once the Ying Ying do obeisance and would was to file in withdraw set of rooms.But Liu Ying Ji just saw one eye, that old maid-in-waiting, but is don't say more what, the path kept sitting side in the copper mirror of one side, toward copper own shadow inside the mirror, start slowly taking to have headdress.Wait until after all young maid - in - waitings get out, Liu Ying Ji then glimpses those two old maid - in - waitings and lightly says:"Lee still dress!The king still bathes!You have what matter quickly say!Making is so secretive, think what appearance!"
Those two old maid - in - waitings listen to Liu Ying Ji so on saying, pour don't also peep out a surprised color,cheap beats by dre, but hurriedly walk in quick time to Liu Ying Ji of wear a beginning decoration for Liu Ying Ji after death.It is some the old maid - in - waitings growing fat to compensate to say with a smile to is previous that:"The princess is ice snow cleverness!The maidservants do to deceive everything however the princess' eyes!"

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