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:"Is each, you appreciate Mr. Wu greatly just, this is the good matter, didn't very good say.Just there is 1:00, the your everyone desire begs for superior calligraphy, Mr. Wu draws come over?All of center of palm the back of the hands are meat, on the painting how many, give who good?This not is make Mr. Wu difficult?"
"Is reasonable!"The bookman agrees with a , but don't want to back to open:"I wait just want to look forward the Yang Mr. Wu's your work, don't have no him to think."
Satisfy they, Wu Dao Zi wants to be tired sufficient Qiang, dissatisfied foot they, its feeling is difficult but, also really risk danger.Week shopkeeper suddenly on clapping a forehead, hurtle a bookman an embrace a boxing:"Is each, you want to see Mr. Wu's superior calligraphy, BE?"
"BE ah!"Together the bookman voice agrees with.
Week shopkeeper eyes put only, don't live to rub a hand way:"Is each, I have an idea.Be very grateful for Mr. Wu not to leave.Give me a superior calligraphy, I this hangs up for the piece, let you experience well some kind of.Say good, hereafter drink wine, come to look after this building business more.^^^^"
"Like!"The bookman excitement isn't already.
The week shopkeeper jilts a sentence"please slightly wait", greatly tread but go to.Chen Wan Rong doesn't know that he wants to make very title and follows.Is different meeting, the week shopkeeper is called a few stores are small two.Hang up Wu Dao Zi's 《gather to drink diagram 》 .
So many people attend to needs, the action isn't small, early disturb wine guest, 3322 of see around rare, wait until to hang up, know to looking at a painting to don't already and loudly marvel to shout bravo, the excitement of one face.Imitate a Buddha to pick up a baby.Don't understand, unavoidably the Ji is several Zhaos, but recruit to one to reprimand angrily to right away, Ji Zhao, don't dare to discuss indiscriminately any further.
The wine guests conflicting views discusses that several ten bookmen cannot help but joining and point out to comment on some kind of.Effort just in a short while, Wu Dao Zi's name's within sight river's building gets about, don't know as well is who took the lead to call"Wu Dao Zi", the morrow is surprised sky of dynamic roaring cry of"Wu Dao Zi".The week shopkeeper takes charge of wine shop so for several years, have never seen thus noisy affair.Have never seen a thus crary condition, the wine guests hands in disorder dance, loudly battle cry.The good elephant gallops about ground the Jiu Jiu is on the battlefield mighty army, don't live to touch face, hot to the touch.
Wu Dao Zi can't, have to to walk to come forward to, embrace round and round one Yi of boxing:"Everyone of, everyone!"
Once he appear, is the roaring cry that a burst of mountain shouts that the tidal wave is for sky to ring out again, the crowd rounds to come over and rounds Wu Dao Zi betwixt, the begging for of conflicting views wants superior calligraphy.Wu Dao Zi risked danger a while.
"How can this do?"Wang Han hopes forehead up leak out a sweat, comfort the wine guest's Wu Dao Zi, urgently must have no idea.
Horse to in don't live to rub a hand, a way of strength:"Week shopkeeper returns Leng to do what?Make people make back Mr. Wu quickly."Wu Dao Zi nearby huge crowd, the everyone hand stretches old longly.And the modern social cellophane noodles beg for and sign about.Again not he the lane come out.Will give people crowded Be getting flatter.
The week shopkeeper should be an and call store small two go up to save a person.But where crowded go in, how many times make great effort, always bite on granite.
"Eldest brother Chen think a way quickly."Zheng Qing reminds.
The establish a reputation is certainly a good matter, just become famous like this is to suffer mental agony, with Chen Wan Rong's expectation mutually go too far.Once the mind turn, Chen Wan Rong's station comes out and loudly calls a way:"Is each, calm down!"
The crowd selfish Rang wears, the that voice of Chen Wan Rong early gave to drown.Zheng Qing's interjection:"We shout together!"Take the lead to shout:"Calm down!"Horse to winning, Wang Han, week shopkeeper, the store is small two pull throat to shout together, finally break through wine the guests voice, let them hear, slowly calmed down down.
The Chen glory late flicks to begin arm, loudly way:"You want Mr. Wu ground superior calligraphy?"
"BE!"A word, but have the strength of landsliding the sort.
The Chen glory late shouts at top of voice:"I know a secret.Mr. Wu wants to be Chang-an opening an art gallery, you can buy his superior calligraphy to there."
"We now will!"In succession the wine the guests Rang gets up.
Once Chen Wan Rong's hand flick, the store is small two favour crowded past, protect Wu Dao Zi, hereafter withdraw.Chen Wan Rong this just trusts a way:"Everyone doesn't have to be hasty, Mr. Wu has never taken to be painter Shi today, goes to his art gallery and wraps a certificate hence what you expected.If you want now, so many people, don't tired Kua Mr. Wu?Have the heart to do it!"
Though don't wish, however this is the true state of matter, wine the guests calmed down a burst of, someone asks a way:"Very does time open?"
"It are after for three days."Chen Wan Rong slightly one deliberation.
The wine guest asks again:"Where?"
"Vinaceous Rosefinch avenue still ask everyone to pay tribute by that time."Chen Wan Rong an embrace a boxing.
Wine the guests bomb however shout bravo:"Like, we definitely come."Will spread.
The smart businessman of week shopkeeper is a , the opportunity to hold tight makes promotion:"Is each, from now on, this building lets benefit 20%, celebrate for ten days, don't miss opportunity."
"Good!"Wine the guests loudly respond to.Hope a river building wine the parsley is beautiful, the scenery is extremely good originally wine the guests wish go toward of place, again have this etc. good matter, who not glad?
Need not want to all know, this news will the breeze get abroad to go, hoping the fame of river's building will soar, the wine guest will be fierce to increase, the week shopkeeper is excited face up be suffused with red light.*****
Wu Dao Zi and wine the guests go back and forth a burst of, tired get sufficient Qiang, whole is a sweat on the back,Beats by Dr Dre solo, Wang Han handed to enter room.Chen Wan Rong and Zheng Qing, horse to in go in, the week shopkeeper came in to say a few words that the consolations appreciate.This just went.
Drank several cup wine, help calm nerves, Wu Dao Zi blunt Chen Wan Rong an embrace a boxing:"Chen Xiong thanks your thick idea.Wu Dao Zi so rushes about everywhere for several years, meager painting's supporting only can bind stomach, Chen Xiong thus skillful on pushing, the later food of Wu Dao Zi without the sorrow is also."
Have been already become famous today, hereafter ascend a door to beg a painting will be a lot of.The extravagant lives are all all right, at is the food without the sorrow?This is the greatly good matter, Chen Wan Rong's arch hand way:"Wu Xiong talks heavy, I however is to the utmost a little dint, all of this are just greatly Wu Xiong, you say is be not?"
"BE!"Wang Han responds to.The horse is to moderating Zheng Qing not to live to nod.
Wu Dao Zi knits the brows a way:"Chen Xiong, is being just this art gallery one matter tough.Don't deceive everyone, Wu Dao Zi is hard up.Even hands over rental not to rise, which can open art gallery in the Vinaceous Rosefinch street house renting."The Vinaceous Rosefinch street is the Chang-an biggest street, to trade a ground of good whereabouts, rental Fei not, his nature was to make to worry.
This matter Chen Wan Rong thinks early like, originally want to pull Wu Dao Zi to open an art gallery, first, helped Wu Dao Zi, second, Wu Dao Zi accepts feeling, his designing a packing naturally can't have a problem and profit both parties of matter.The Chen glory late says with smile:"Wu Xiong not sorrow.This matter I come to do.Money, I, you tube painting be."
Wang Han Yi strikes table:"Chen Xiong.This money not ability you are a , I also want a .With big Wu Xiong just, this painting is by all means that the daughter is difficult to beg, this bonus can Be getting bigger, you not ability a person only enjoy, the good matter must also stay a point for me."The property very wealthy person of Wang Han Jia, the born nature is straightforward, this kind of matter which can not admix.
He is to joke, however this is the true state of matter, Chen the glory late say with smile:"It is all right.*****Eldest brother horse.Want a ?"
Horse to medium slightly a ponder a way:"If the should be good matter, just I participate in and is to be unsuited to proper.This is the all elegant matter, I ah don't admix.However, this location I can offer penny dint and wrap your satisfaction."
He at Chang-an of the human face is wide, he appear publicly to settle however can seek to well live.Chen Wan Rong originally wants to ask for help of Zheng Jia land productivity quantity.Rent a good shop front.This next heart in the province:"Thank eldest brother horse."
Wu Dao Zi comes one round and round Yi way:"Each Gao Qing Hou's righteousness, Wu Dao Zi once thanked here.Later.But any is useful to wear Wu Dao Zi's place, though the speech is a , definitely make an effort."
Chen Wan Rong ha ha a say with smile:"Wu Xiong, I still really occupy to invite you help.I hereafter want to continuously release new goods, this packing still have to ask Wu Xiong to offer dint.This was my selfishness, explained first."
Wang Han points at Chen Wan Rong and doesn't already strike table cachinnation:"Good you Chen Xiong, with concealed intentions!"
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