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Arrive shortage 300, also have many devils to silently slip away, direction nature is no man guard of empress mountain.The silver stick in the mind continuously sighs, thousand demons will already didn't what too big meaning, even if is smooth repulse way boundary, the real strenght for developing is also far far not enough is swept with oneself six to match use.A very small row little friends all have already made these devils Dan Zhans scared, if let these work properly a monster to make effort and afraid of oneself to also want to be fraught with grim possibilities.
Hesitated for a while beard small fairy to took a look cloud English, light tone way:"Teacher, many foot wise powerful rulers"
Cloud English is tiny tiny a say with smile:"Trust good, he is my personal enemy of Tu son, does the teacher make him easily escape, 20 recruit inside the teacher grasp him to your in front to allow your processing, even if is a teacher to give a little of your rewards.Even if he has 1,000 legs, can really in the teacher 20 recruit inside by luck deathless, nine wars in Hua Mountain behind, the teacher takes you to round Jiao black forest and chase his old nest Yi as flat ground,Beats By Dr Dre Solo.Thus you trust?"
See cloud English confident appearance, the silver stick starts having some hesitant ways:"Many foot wise powerful rulers, this war still don't carry on here for wonderful.We already drive way the door and cloud English surround, if the wise powerful ruler violently consumes power again, even if can win cloud English, only afraid they can't put what you leave, either.Is after all promise and then deny is always a door middleman to excel most of trick."
Row the little friend is chilly a raise a hand way:"If what silver stick devil king says is promise and then deny to mean the row is just some of action, that I like what you expected, absolute being arrows the Wei prepare, the gold arrows spreads to shoot!"One makes next, 30 gold arrowses flew to go out, the devils were a burst of to urgently fly a dog to jump, in most distressedly avoided being seen everywhere, again started to be suffused with dust flesh and blood on the ground repeatedly Be horizontal to fly, disastrous.The silver stick wanted to obstruct to be already too late, oneself's this words drive row the little friend make use of of just right, ground devils with almost all tops all started doubting working hard of silver stick.
New book 《the evil soul records of the demon maneuver 》 has already started uploading and hopes that the book friends that like my work come to pay tribute more, medium the mountain fox once thanks here!Already more than 70,000 words got into a new book ranking, but the placings hope that everyone lifts up for me after depending very much, medium the mountain fox be extremely grateful!!There is a superfluous recommendation ticket hitting demon to maneuver to come up possibly!

Chapter 17 put~to death to kill many feet(1)

"If the silver the stick devil king's this sentence if is hurtling me cloud English come of, may well with enumerate promise and then deny example of my cloud English, want ~only you can speak my cloud English not to keep promise the example of promise, I can on my own initiative take back just, don't accept the challenge of centipede Jing."Cloud English looking at silver stick, a very leisurely and carefree appearance.Ascend the silver of time the stick is stunned speechless, cloud English has been saying a not two, even the silver stick enemy opponent like this can hardly also find out come what hold, stand the in mid air doesn't know to say what just good.
Many foot wise powerful rulers a wave hand centipede to shear to appear a chilly way in hand:"The past probably had no, but soon I will make you reveal his true colors, cloud English, show this wise powerful ruler you this well-known world the first door lord exactly has what means, can make me be captured in 20 recruit.The silver stick wise powerful ruler good intentions, many soles get, this fights me is beat settle, see 20 after recruiting he whether cloud English can helplessly looking at me to leave."Silver stick Leng for a while, saw with half an eye many intentions of foot wise powerful rulers, almost and immediately charge forward to chock to death this afraid to die many foot wise powerful rulers, he understands this be want to be true or false really leave of with cloud English typing ascend 20 recruit, then just and upright of leave nine Hua Mountains, oneself flees for life.
Cloud English how the cleverness how can don't understand his intention, big hand a flick breeze fire to work properly wolf rapid retreat, four Cape Mangs flew to come up, cloud sun saw one eye cloud English light tone way:"These are your this several in the last yearses first war, tee off power and prestige come, don't let we several brotherses feel dull face."Cloud is brave but smiles happily of way:"The younger brother don't not do somebody else the honor too much, if the 12 times tidied up the superior of somebody else wise powerful ruler Class, will seriously fight somebody else self-confident heart of and also want to make him prop up 35 to be after recruiting at least."
"That will see whether him really had goods."Cloud English is light on smiling, the strong self-confidence shows unintentionally and clapped to clap nearby wood You orchid, allow the fragrant shoulder of Ying light tone way:"Is foolish very good-looking here the husband give you the performance cloud English drama bewitching.Don't run about aimlessly everywhere, the devil here is very timid, if let the little friend of row make moves again, that not good.Seven stars arrive to below occupy a place and deploy a feet, protection good your teacher's wife, the teacher comes right away."Wave hand, seven tails work properly fox, gold tiger and Dan crest snow crane, fly for a sky, the Peng and huge ape disappears to be missing in succession, the white feather, Venus and gold Cape, water month and breeze bell, fire cloud and breeze fire worked properly wolf to get to ground in the designation whereabouts of cloud English up.
Stop at the devils after death, the row little friend shouts at top of voice:"Get away!Have never seen us seven have already got here?!"The runway that the devils quickly fluster moreover and simultaneously, the row little friend takes ten absolute being arrows Wei to quickly sign the next feet, white feather, Venus, gold Cape and water month, breeze bell and fire cloud respectively occupies a corner, and the breeze fire works properly a wolf station to betwixt wait those small devils to seem to give it a bit of thought son to hurtle up very much.Li Xin, strange way dollar, the small fairy of Li Yu, Long Xin Yuan and Han Feng, Chuang heart Yi and beard in succession station at wood You orchid, Xu Ying after death, the row little friend waits a person to then guard before or so at them.
Cloud sun, brave cloud, cloud can from the air float to fall cloud Wu Jun nearby, the dollar notifies an offense way:"The dollar is seven guest Qings, this time all account slightly all don't dare to take the credit, is all a main cloud English benefactors BE.Seven stars don't belong to a door, but support person's boundary to peaceably resist the demon in uneasy cent but also regardless the sacrifice, main male in the door just the Wei slightly feel very the person can compare, the old Na demand returns to the fold right away.The everybody is more careful, the trick of silver stick is affirmative not only thus, door main judgment silver stick still have behind recruit, not and till the last the juncture can't take out."The dollar finishes saying to slowly walk back seven of troops, the cloud Wu Jun Deng person sent him several steps and soon stopped down.
See arrive so many powers profoundly work properly a monster, Chen Song, dragon mutually the wood Be some to frighten into inaction, oneself in every possible way makes it lively for seven, now somebody else's real strenght such of strong, if is anti- overdo to come to deal with oneself, resist the cure of success that the sword door, the service ghost couplet on door panels hand really has one silk ten cents?They don't think that they will compare nine silver sticks in Hua Mountain to have real strenght more.Cloud Wu Jun lightly sighs, small English so the sharp point finish a dew not to know to is a good matter or a bad matter, but if be not so, they the loss of the way boundary necessarily will be very big and even come to a the situation that they can not bear with.For the sake of person's boundary of peace but push oneself toward a very dangerous territory ground, doing not know should say that your cleverness still keeps being getting more stupid.
The devils ran a lot, the silver stick quickly beckoned with the hand to go superior hello bottom of a few wise powerful ruler classes and come together those some six absolute being ownerless small devils, many foot wise powerful rulers are stood they clean up of that in the center, looking at cloud English floats with the breeze and acted nature fluency be full of pleasant impression.The light smile has never changed on the face, cloud English stops at many foot wise powerful ruler the body is outside a few distance, light tone way:"Many foot wise powerful rulers, if your viewpoint only is once get I the breeze soul cloud English of 20 recruit, so I receive to advise you early from cut, also in case bring shame, this kind of mindset will let you can not with all strength BE, don't say 20 to recruit, even if is ten recruit you can don't necessarily bear as well."
Many foot wise powerful rulers disdain to of way:"Don't many fee arguments, cloud English, I can't be bilked by you, 20 recruit be 20 recruit, if connect 20 to recruit to all connect however, I really not equal to suicide calculate.20 after recruiting is go to is stayed and then had me many foot wise powerful rulers to say calculate, if you cloud English want to renege to take back you are just crazy to talk now still not calculate too late, waited until you to experience this wise powerful ruler badly and have already reneged and then really wanted fame to sweep floor that time."The centipede has a haircut the voice of"Mao Ca" of"Mao Ca" to ring, the lookinging at of despise cloud English, but could not see the other party any concussion or upset.The accomplishment of cloud English is unexpectedly so severe, the slightest isn't moved by oneself, seeing to this disabled person isn't a general disabled person,oneself receive of is the news false?Cloud English basically has no Related articles:

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