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Chain of, the speed is more slow.
In the natural intelligence of Yuan blessing up, can not compare with two speed of working properly the root of fastennings, but compare general three fasten miscellaneous work properly a wanting of root quickly many.Dan medicine most the beginning is from the turtle way taking in the universe bag of person of, arrives oneself to refine afterwards.He hasn't been once breaking a Dan medicine and worked properly a stone also is all medium article for using to work properly a stone, there is also the spiritual influence that the fire jade slowly provides.This is already to spread to fix the medium the quickest speed, can mutually match in excellence with outside pupil in the door of group.But he thinks to be quick again and then had no way of approach, unless he ability he refine a first grade Dan medicine.
But he seemed to find out a new road now,www.buybeatsbydrdreheadphone.com, can help him rapid self-discipline, that is to depend on fire jade.This use finishes a blood way magical power after, the fire jade breaks out of in great quantities pure work properly dint far compare medium the article work properly the spiritual influence that the stone provides many and pure.More let Yuan blessing delight of is the spiritual influence chain that the fire jade provides to become a power medicine to compare to absorb spiritual influence to want from work properly the stone quick of many.This means Yuan blessing can reduce self-discipline to use of work properly a stone of at the same time, can also own to compare to use the high level works properly a stone of self-discipline speed.This will let his self-discipline speed catch up the elite pupil in the group.
Self-discipline after a day, already can the Yuan blessing of normal activity has never continued again self-discipline the bottom go.Collected for a while several person's keepsakes that die in the hall, a few fireball Shus burned down corpses all.After finishing cleaning up hall, from the universe bag in take out some dry ration food clear waters, the food and drink completes, and then take a rest a short while, just start into the right side to have a hole mansion to live the room that the person looses Tui to walk.
The door of room has already been broken, the Yuan blessing walks into room and stand at the stone is before the bed.5 people all knew to sweep with the absolute being for a while at that time after breaking door, the assurance had never forbidden to make and had thing in the room, take place mishap, the Yuan blessing hasn't been cautiously seeing exactly has what.Stand before bed, Yuan blessing the ex- host who cautiously conjecture a hole mansion.
The human face on the stone bed permits emaciated, the skin color is pure white, three wisps of long beards hang before the chest.Wear a black scholar Shan, the waist wears a purple aureate universe bag.On seeing to go, it is like one inside year young scholar.
Yuan blessing tiny Gong body, to loosed Tui to go one gift.After all he wants to take person's wealth and properties and extends apology first to match his morality now.Salute, Yuan blessing the universe bag that stretch hand to take the corpse body waist.Once the hand run into clothes, the scholar Shan of that whole body scattered such as the similar sand, Yuan blessing once the big Xiu flick, a strong wind book leads, and the dust inside the room immediately exerts and looses the scholar Shan on the Tui body to also all reduce to ashes, is swept to go out, peep out pure white Jing red body.Yuan blessing notice way this should be fix for arrived Ning very the chain Gang fix for the circumstance of empress, although die a way to eliminate, body but drive ground very Gang Ning in the sky do very tough and resiliently, usually a hundred years not Fu.In order to there being no power maintenance, the clothes on the body but be idled away by the years, became on touching an ashes.
Picked up the universe bag, the Yuan blessing in general use absolute being knew to scan 1 time and also had no to take out one by one, to loose Tui to go one gift again, room, walk toward the den of the left side.
Enter den, but see a stone table, a stone chair.A bookcase.What bookcase uses is a first-class black wood, although have no method of using dint protect to hold, also have no corrupt.The book on the bookcase hadn't once moved for a long time, there are strategies in addition to dust, so the top still sweeps very much.The paper used by way book is usually different, most the also wanting of the time attains a hundred years Fu not, high etc. somely cans make to arrive not to fear to common water fire.Plus some books obviously aren't a book, secular world paper use, experience after several years already not the ability is seeing, similar to the clothes a touch ground.Still have several should be way book, the bottom in bookcase, seem originally the host don't value, the Yuan blessing fluent hand accepts into the universe bag and came out den.
What end enters is a Dan room.See first of is a fire of water jar size red Dan Ding, near come and just discover Dan of there is a deep hole under the Ding, should of the ground fire crater.If Yuan blessing built a radicle to expect of fix to make pill for, canning from this deep hole derivation ground fire, useding for.The strategies gathering to work properly to ignite in Dan room are all very well-found, the grade of Dan Ding at best method machine on.However the bottle gourds on the wall are all empty, there is no Dan medicine at in.The bottle gourd is also what magic trick once handled, use to keep a Dan medicine to compare a popularize jade bottle to be good friends with much, the Yuan blessing also all accepted.The Dan Ding still could not use now, also drive Yuan blessing received lately- got purple gold color universe bag inside.
Finish tidying up the thing in the hole mansion, Yuan blessing lie at Dan room of ground up, relax down, slowly sleep.
Chapter 35 Dan through
Awake from sleep, the Yuan blessing doesn't know as well that sleeping is much long-term.Is these days of to walk faster, Dou method, break to forbid, get hurt, hasn't been once taking a rest well.Plus the body lose blood excessive, the spirit is very exhausted, wait affair to come to an end for the time being, the spirit of Yuan blessing is fierce on relaxing, sleep past.
However this feels sleep very comfortablely, after waking up Yuan blessing felling body like many, the spirit is also forgetful some.The linger effect of blood way magical power of painful seem to be also a little bit lightly, the power operation also resumed some.See come is a fire jade have been so helpful again in the sleeping.Feel a bodily amendment, the mood of Yuan blessing also like get up, start paying close attention to the result this time.
What to open is a purple aureate universe bag first, although also harvested two universe bags of reason and Zhao Yi, the universe bag of Han Tian's line gave Ping Tao , don't still come back, is very valuable drive deep-fried of powder body ground bone, even if is the universe bag wasn't ruined, also covered up at passage underground, is solemnly polished off by Ping Tao , don't know the universe bag is taken away have no.
First what to take out is a jade Chien, this thing is what Yuan blessing with meticulous care choose, also the only a root in the bag.Chien of the jade this is to build a radicle to expect above of the achievement method widespreadly use of conservancy method.This once heard, but had never seen.First take out, want to take a look.
Know absolute being to explore into jade Jian Zhong, the information in jade Chien flowed out to go into Yuan blessing like the similar tides of the brain of inside.An effort of tea, the absolute being knows already'see'finish the whole jade Chien, let go of jade Chien, Yuan blessing is filled with a thousand regrets.
"Indeed as expected is kill people set fire gold belt!Only this jade Chien, the life and death fought to also be worth this time."
Remember next, the thing in jade Chien returns be really abundant, occupy most important position of is a build a radicle behind of achievement method, named 《green China long living Jue 》 .This is a wood to fasten an achievement method, and isn't suitable for Yuan blessing self-discipline.Although the Yuan blessing also has a wood to fasten to work properly a root, can change to fix this achievement method after building radicle,the words like that will result in groundwork impurity, result in the influence on later self-discipline promotion, not and till the last juncture, this achievement method estimate is use not to ascend.But have in achievement method many build a radicle behind of the common sense and the taboo, this to Yuan blessing is count for much.If is later Yuan blessing acquired fire again to fasten self-discipline achievement the method is pouring to the back of the gold Dan is consider and fix this achievement method.
In addition to this achievement method, there is still in jade Chien a method definitely 《resist to work properly Shu 》 , this is a method door that controls to work properly a machine.Arrived to do to annoy 9 F, had been able to use to work properly a machine.But do to annoy to expect of fix a fairy the use work properly the person of machine very few.Reason is a want for to work properly a machine, after all best method machine said to is already a very rare thing towards doing spirit and expecting to fix fairy coming, to turtle way the person and Yuan is cheerful so of doing and annoying 11 story high hands just have 12, don't even say to compare working properly of the best method machine higher layer machine.Another reason is definitely the method that is in need of to control to work properly a machine.The method that doesn't is specialized definitely fiesta chain, working properly the power of machine exertion will descend a lot.This method will never only have the method to control to work properly a machine, and a magic trick is called'work properly Jian Shu', do to annoy 9 F can with the self-discipline.The function is the effect and characteristics that authenticates to work properly a machine, the principle is to stir up to work properly some innate intelligence in the machine with the magic trick, work properly the characteristics effect of machine and show at absolute being to know up.The Yuan blessing has already done to annoy 8 F now, in the near future will arrive to do to annoy 9 F, he could use to this method definitely at that time.
Still jotted down concerning the knowledge that builds to expect Ning behind in the radicle chain Gang very in jade Chien, these thing to Yuan blessing to say too faraway, after recording in the brain, Yuan blessing have no again realize.
The thing of front not isn't suitable for oneself to use is he or she can not also use, how much a little bit make people frustrated.But the contents of behind lets Yuan blessing the pleased hope an outside, let this jade Chien's value keep in the heart at the Yuan blessing on-line Related articles:

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