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The man is then uncultivated;Woman not reasonable is to act in pettish to deliver Dia, man not the reasonable is an immature self-will;Woman talks that in disorder a certain handsome boy calls to appreciate,www.buybeatsbydrdreheadphone.com, the man eyes the beauty longer than 10 seconds and then be defined into "sex maniac" ……
A spool of joke brocade after gathering chapter 2905 have love first has sex like?
After loving have sex to still keep there being a fondness for behind having sex first well?
This is like to have a chicken behind having egg first, have egg behind having chicken first and hard to say which kind is the truth, which compare another a
Grow higher still.
But this problem since put forward come, we have to try to say, BE?
We suppose:Chicken the elephant is sex, egg elephant love.
Then get according to the idea:
(1),If two people's has love behind having sex first.So, good elephant's keeping 1 will lay egg
The chicken is similar, the advantage is to keep a chicken to enjoy can also have agriculture by-product to produce is really a real benefit;Difficult place BE, if the person keeping
Don't like to eat egg or on the market egg not sell, looking at houseful to soon deliver smelly egg headache really, perhaps
Will have a liking for the chicken that can't lay egg that day.
(2),If two people's is to have sex behind having love first, get an egg for the elephant, hatch as a result a
The chicken is similar, advantage BE:Have the egg can also satisfy you hereafter of curiosity, hence add some temperature what try,
The result can also really make the chick of the amiability of a , good matter like this, making you happy must become mad, difficult place BE:A chicken
Keeping to keep will be definitely vexed, or when seeing don't the chicken of house is more beautiful not so good do, and anticipate and the excrement is that make
The person has a headache of problem.
(1),If you feel that egg is a burden, but likes a chicken very much again, suggest lane, the rooster keeps-together
Sex loves is that the head choose, secondly better way is to grasp a pheasant, however want caution hey~!!Also probably lay egg
Of, and the road of top of hill can not walk-now strict dozen.
(2),If you feel old to toward a with each passing day become the old chicken is boring, also rather and at the beginning that egg come
Is refreshing, if not afraid chicken Zhuo, you can try to make an egg again, however caution stop hatching out it, however
Being recent is new of laws set this is also very dangerous of hey~!~!, Your this person's best way is to think a way to let
The chicken lays egg because of this person in the beginning like egg.
A spool of joke brocade gathers your girl friend of chapter 2906 to have a grain of button solution not to open and how do?
Bush:This is the world to defend perhaps built-up humiliation, we want to untie this button at all costs.We have already sent to go to large numbers of special forces and promise at 3 months in untie button!
Pull to ascend:Lane airplane, must want to bump button!
Arafat:We in no case accept defeat!Button already strong have our territories to reach to for 24 hours!
Salon:I can nowise exaggerate ground to say!This button even if is the approval that goes to the stool to also want to pass us!
Clinton:Lai Wen Si Ji how have no so button?
Scholar article
Gold Yong:I with that a dollar money offers for sale this button of take power to the central television station!
Thou dragon:Very hard button!He lightly caresses that button!Beyond the horizon peep out one silk first light of day ……
Huang Yi:Is a burst of and shining later on, this button arrived at Qin Dynasty!
Wesley:This button is incredibly an outside star to come!
Wei Hui:He is still trying very hard to solve this button, but I, have already been getting wetter!
Entertainer's article
Zhao Zhong Xiang:In the clothes looked endless, suddenly flee a button, this maimed button struggles on the clothes, however the great universe is ruthlessness, this button finally disappears in the boundless clothes.
Ni Ping:I am very excited, however this button is how infinitesimal to motherland!(Shed tears in!)
Cui always dollar:Male reason for saying owned by public, old woman says that the old woman contains reason, the button card is on the clothes, exactly who have a reason.We please to this button on the scene, let he to talk card on the clothes personally feeling.
Wang Xiao Ya:This is the good luck first pass!Did you work well to prepare?-Good!Please listen to!(When!!!)-Do you suddenly have a button solution not to open while taking off clothes for girl friend to take?How to do-answer a she doesn't take off me to take off;The answer b buys a clothes with no button!
Doctor Gu:It is a solution to superficially see this button don't open!But why not does the ability see from the reverse side!In fact that clothes were also solutions don't open!
Kun:I early know that the button solution doesn't open, I am to don't say;The button solution that breaks so not open at 1:00 also not strange, if have already untied on the contrary oddness.
Snow village:Cui flower ascends button.
Originally mountain:Unbutton, choose a good medicine, choosing the medicine must also have a trade secret!-Do not see an advertisement!
Role article
Week Yu:Since living button, He Sheng's clothes?
Hot Li head:This button is purely original!If is similar, in really and strangely fits!
Tang Seng:This button the left breadth is right narrow, the front lightly weighs behind and button up up the most uncomfortable, may arouse a mammary glands pathological changes;As for that clothes, he will definitely understand me the fearless spirit of Buddha mercy but return to mine, south have no Amitabha ……
Pig eight quit:Again the solution doesn't open!Yi?I how can say again?
Wei small treasure:Each audience, thanks everyone gathers together so nearly, station must keep so to listen to me to say a book, be really do one the honor too much.(The small treasure sits in a few tables folded)the wanted to say today person is the total rudder lord of the world meeting button, have to call lifetime disappear button, then call hero also in vain.His height is eight Chinese feet, the waistline is also 8 Chinese feet!(Is public:!Wasn't that everywhere?)
Article in the school
Teacher chemistry:Please pour sulfuric acid, the button will slowly uncover to come.
Teacher computer:First, we come to format to turn clothes, so button and clothes will clear, then rebind clothes system and please before rebinding system to work well a backup to the son.
Physical teacher:Did you forget to make use of lever principle!
Teacher philosophy:We want seeing of dialectics, this button!
Business enterprise article
Chinese telecommunication:We have already started lowering to unbutton of list price, it is 30 dollars to is 3 minutes ago 0 ·, hereafter each time many a minutes more 0 · is 02 dollars.
China Unicom:Chinese button buttons up China!
21 CNs:fall in love with a life, fall in love with button!
Search fox:Lightning flash mail also sends button!
Sina:We released a week star Chi and series' on-line discussion of button!You can land to participate in a discussion!
The net is easy:We will ask the star Chi in week to attend our the button-onlin releasing of e rites!
Ten thousand nets in China:The customer respecting, how are you!Your problem process we to the careful test of button, the detection is the way for unbuttonning not to, so please untie behind start to re- button up or land clothes to handle by oneself.
Microsoft:The button solution doesn't open is an of button and clothes of and permit a problem, please download to lately repair D or get stripe your clothes.
The love signs letter:The solution of this button doesn't open, only is our technical personnel is making a test.
Nokia:May this a few buttons don't have the reason of outside antenna, so will cause button solution's doing not open.
Speed:Previously, we have already notified the customer, the button breakdown has something to do with the customer using a dialect over a long period of time conversing, but the customer unexpectedly and publicly opens a button solution not, for this kind of behavior we the reservation indict the customer's right.
A spool of joke brocade gathers chapter 2907 high school 18 strange
To kiss and love to the men and women, the accommodation move a school outside.Is lonesome true unbearable over the weekend, big style of drive to receive.
The vogue cellular phone along with takes and has a class electric wave to spread love.The disorderly dress of Huang Fa Peng shears bad, sway an eye a see be like mendicant.
The whole body famous brand claims to be handsome, the unlike study ratio wears.Someone top the building play imposing style Related articles:

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