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Chapter 26 has no to wrong but can not choose

Deep and huge passage, at underground continuously extend before going toward.
The green Tong young girl felt back A that the body descends this huge beetle also already the tiny hair is hot, sees have already continuously sprayed to vomit a tiny green foam in the of huge beetle.She knows the huge beetle that hasn't thoroughly grown up has already arrived extreme limit, next ex- go, is consuming the life of this huge beetle.
The green Tong young girl of gentle stupid man's natural character that is familiar with this kind of huge beetle verily cant not bear to, however she knows that she has to keep on insisting, she can not let those has for the cave that she sacrifice pretty the white white sacrifice, can not let outside the having more caves pretty sacrifice for her.
Her hand holds eggshell and kneads more and more and tightly, with as for is strong and tough to go to pole of the eggshell edge sank into the flesh of her palm and sliced blood scar.
Have been waiting until body under of the huge beetle open of big the foam that all is finally glued dense blue block up, even become breath to break continuously, no longer know in the underground to wear to go how much in of the green Tong young girl just grinds teeth to upwards raise a hand, don't stop upwards.
Five huge beetles break ground but, and then the dint Jie is at the ground, can not move oneself huge but bulky body any further.
The outside is an one abnormality bushy banana woodland, the eyeful spring onion is green, the moist water vapor condenses on the palm leaf fan, the drop falls, like the drizzle.
Reflect in the spring onion green Yan in, green hair the young girl of the green Tong just like the spirit, beautiful get struck with fright or horror.
BE jumping down from the huge beetle back of, her green Tong in, have the pearl sort radiant tears to spread to fall, fall back A that burns in the huge beetle hair up, sent out slight Chi of a , soon after become to count regiment light of white spirit, disappear have no Zong.
She took out all eggshells, a sent to five mouths of huge beetles respectively in.
Five huge beetles chew these eggshells, the body is tiny to move, even Lin Xi can feel one these five huge beetles of happy and contented, then Lin Xi see these five huge beetles at happy and contented in dying, the hair burns of the huge body slowly becomes icy cold, the drop of water that drips to fall on the top of head palm leaf fan falls on the body of these huge beetles and no longer starts to emit one round and round light white spirit, but becomes a water current with pure pool, along back AN in thin yellow flows to drip down.
Lin Xi Wei is silent, not an other, is this for an instant he feels of human nature of strength.
However this he remain not to know an identity, knowing isn't likely to be a pretty green cave Tong young girl but doesn't give him any aftertaste of time.
She still don't say any words and just decidedly raise a head and looking at Lin Xi, then her body break~into pieces from drop to drop down above of water bead, Lue to Lin Xi.
She definitely extremely of have no turn-over leeway.
Her this shot is impartial, the circle wreath of bright moon sort in hand breaks breeze but goes to and keeps straight shot toward Lin Xi's chest.
Is simple, direct, but because pure speed, but become hard to resist.
Because is too quick, Lin Xi Zhi in time does and looks exactly alike in times before of reaction, he right hand of the dawn lance cut to kill to go out, at the circle wreath of the moment and this bright moon sort bump shot together.
However different from last time, mutually get in touch with at two soul soldiers of for an instant, glow-in-the-dark of the circle wreath of bright moon sort tiny Shan, one makes the pound of Lin Xi hard breath Bo breathing moment eruption, Lin Xi basically connect quickly accept swords to all can not do it, dangerous spot drive tremor of hilt of a sword of the terrible strength tore to pull a severals to tear to pieces a deep scar.
The short sword of his left hand also too late and precisely cut win this bright moon sort of circle wreath, luckily his body also drive this up to the present he meets face to face of the most terrible strength earthquake leave ground, hereafter fly, this just give he just some little of time, let his left hand while directly loosenning to open short sword in hand, take at almost lifeless right hand up, became a ten words.
Green Tong young girl bright moon sort within hand circle the belt wear her strong line of one silk soul dint strength that adjusts to use and body of momentum, press at his arm up.
Threaten in front in the true death, Lin Xi's feeling knows to be also oppressed unprecedented state, he in this smallest time in, then felt to protect in the hand arm of transform, for doing not let the hands arm directly break, he hereafter Gong body, hands with very and quickly unload power return to withdraw, let green Tong young girl bright moon sort within hand circle the wreath presses his double arm, pressed in his body.
"Ka …"
Lin Xi hereafter flies the speed of abrupt however speed, he is suppressed of the left rib part in a twinkling sent out the voice of bone crack, downwards on sinking, don't know to break a few ribs, the one mouthful blood sprayed out as the waterfalls from his.
The toe point of the green Tong young girl ground, strong line of body that continues to catch up Lin Xi to hereafter pour to fly, however her body is also tiny tiny one Jiang, the continuously war inside the body covers up the next condition of the injury to also make her Zhang Kou spew out one regiment blood fog.
The blood that her facial expression is spewed out by Lin Xi dyes red, Lin Xi Man is the noodles of the dust to permit to also all be stained with full she spews out of blood.
Lin Xi falls to the ground, vacillating but, the station rises.
The green Tong young girl falls to the ground, steps an one step and stopped down.
2 people all because the condition of the injury of body temporarily can not carry on violent action.
This silently exchanges blows for an instant although for practice moral teachings the exchanging blows of of but talk not gorgeous, 2 people face up respectively flow to drip of the other party blood, is make 2 people, this war seem to be a cent outside of courageous and sad and shrill.
Is this slice of don't even know Lin Xi to exactly be located in at the moment big Huang Ze in where of appeared brief dead Ji in the banana wood.
Begin first of remain is a green Tong young girl.
Her double feet again with hard the alternative Deng seeing pure frequency step on the ground, the whole individual became a together green shadow, before hurtling Lin Xi Shen who all has been already fallen off to the swords of hands.
Lin Xi's double feet are also layer after layer of the Deng step at in the ground, his whole is personal but is sticking after death of one stub banana the tree upwards slipped up.
Water pail thick thin banana tree the tree trunk completely split, the part being shot becomes numerous broken up green whites beard, fly to spread to go out.
Lin Xi's hands just fall flop toward front of the banana treetop is made an effort one this dint of pull, lending, he carries on the back this stub banana tree, and the double feet mercilessly towarded the top of head Deng of the young girl of green Tong to keep on stepping.
The bright moon sort of the green Tong young girl right hand circle the wreath also too late return to withdraw countercheck, her white livings a rare left hand to hold fist, upwards whopat, fall in the Lin Xi's feet bottom.
The strength of the her list hand all wants to step than the Deng of Lin Xi Shuang's feet of the dint is strong, but Lin Xi still carries on the back one stub heavy to pole of banana tree.
This stub drive Lin Xi's hands the anti- hand deeply dig into delicate tree trunk of frailty,beats by dre solo, banana tree pull to downwards press, at the moment as if then became Lin Xi's weight.
An unusually depressed air explodes sound to send out from the feet bottom of her fist and Lin Xi.
Lin Xi's body huge earthquake, her body is also huge earthquake.
All the banana treetop that Lin Xi Shen carries all drop of waters earthquake flies out, the huge umbrella revolving like a handle rainy day spread numerous water beads.
The body of green Tong young girl unusually and stubbornly stands erect, her double the feet submerged mud 1 Chinese foot, however but finally accept to cannot bear press down of strength, and then is a blood to spew out from her , her body is one side, a not good-looking posture is vacillating to go out.
Lin Xi's body in the sky also tiny regiment get up, hit him into the moment of mud and also used to make an effort and turn over and roll at the banana tree on the back, when the strong line of station rises from the ground, he is apart from this stub and hits in the banana tree on the ground also however the Yao of several.
His facial expression abnormality is pale, tiny tinily cough, throat the smell of fresh blood that all is seething.
"Although my lack and you so the state practice moral teachings exchange blows of experience, even if have already known perfectly welled to face your opponent like this now, the recruit type absolutely can not use old, can you have to force me hard to answer, I also still avoid not to open."However Lin Xi still make great effort of make a noise, looking at a corner of mouth blood Wu comfortable and drippy green Tong young girl, " but you don't understand combat as well and see to you at achieve thus of fix for also have no before how much life and death experience for fighting.You not equal to I understand to fight …so the situation at the moment really keeps on needing to beat, you even if can kill me, your condition of the injury wills also weigh to make you die in this woodland, isn't likely to walk go out.We, don't definitely and not want to divide to be born dead can not?"
Repeatedly kill deathless Lin Xi, let green Tong young girl more of exasperation and despair, and at the moment Lin Xi's words, make her feel more to unusually humiliate, so is always silent of she also finally cannot helps but the sharp Si of sending out madness:" In addition to cent the birth die, and can the second road choose?You are cloud soldier Qin, you tell me, did you have to once kill cave pretty?"
Lin Xi looking at her, lightly vomits one mouthful negative blood and nods.
"They are my friends, be stained with on the your hand full my friend's blood, don't I want to revenge for them?"Is green the Tong young girl tone is very hurriedly sharp of drain the exasperation emotion after see Lin Xi, " in addition to life and death, do we there are also other choices?"
Lin Xi Cu has eyebrows and looking at her, earnest way:"This is the war."
"Qin of cloud and cave pretty of, as early as have then had already started this kind of war several decades ago."Lin Xi lightly coughs, way:"No matter because of what start …cloud Qin Xiang get into big Huang Ze, and the cave pretty also want to once turn over Long She's mountain range, this war, basically have no to wrong can talk.My body at cloud Qin, my parents and younger sisters all after this dragon snake mountain range, I don't think naturally cave pretty can the Tu lead Long She's mountain range and kill them.I don't want to make those respectable colleagues die naturally as well in the cave pretty the weapon of warrior under.Be like me this kind of person, also don't change the ability of this war at all, Be involved in to have no choice among them and basically."
"But you?"Lin Xi looking at a green Tong young girl, the voice is abrupt however becomes heavy to get up:"Although you don't tell me that you exactly is who, you basically aren't a cave pretty, why do you want to sink into this war?And since whole cloud military authority Qin all affect because of you, then explain the ability that you have to change this war.If I guess quite goodly now, you should would are to make this year spring to rise, the cave here pretty takes place alternant person.This war is unavoidable, but the person can choose."
The green Tong young girl looking at Lin Xi, she saw the dissimilarity that some cloud Qins whom Lin Xi meets with her in times before will get and also felt the meaning in Lin Xi Hua, but she was full to contain to ironically sneer at, "how choose?Let go of old grudge, peace negotiations?What you said is quite good, I am really a bit tiny to change the ability of this war, cloud Qin of strong also really not I in times before understand, but you are just an identities that connects me all don't entitle to at all knowing small will get.If you can make this dragon snake side soldier with your will but go, this choice is still meaningful, but those people, but can't think like this.So don't choose, old grudge, only wash and brush with the blood."
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