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Of silver silk.Like this attack although being getting stronger,defendoof is weak a lot of.
The Yuan blessing sees the other party let out silver silk, tiny tiny a smile.Fiercely and upwards fly several Zhangs, then fly sword to turn to make a Hong shadow.Offend to Zhuo an any.
Hum, know a meeting so Zhuo an any seems to be early to have preparation, a side gleams a protecting of starlight the shield block at his before the body.This boy fiesta chain three starlights work properly a machine, no wonder that thus overbearing.
Yuan blessing but have no surprised Cha, fly sword to continue to attackstone, the thunder bead in several red is vulgar at the same time with fly sword.Fly to Zhuo an any of sky.See thunder bead, Zhuo an any doesn't dare to neglect, flew sword and silver silk to accept back and wanted to defendoof.
"Night".Yuan blessing is tiny tiny on smiling, the sword in red only and suddenly divides and once hid silvery fly the piece of the sword of shot.The thunder bead been glued by the silver silk also at same times, suddenly explode to open.
After, huge explosion's the fire bursting fastens to work properly dint to flood a whole field, while the air is also covered up by the dust, there is similar to water fog function.Be fond of fog inWhen when be beA burst of continuous voice rings, then hear a to sad and shrillly bellow.Then Yuan blessing grasp Zhuo an any of neck.Flew out from the fan fog.In addition to a few gold Dan superior, the others were all dumbstruck, dared not believed to fight ending of such speed.
"Very sharp sword method.Very powerful thunder bead.How cruel of skill, well abundant combat experience, no wonder that can run to°from the Lan state the ground of this edge."The influence squints to looking at calmly Yuan blessing of flying.The regrets says.But nearby of remaining work properly and pottery net then a head of gather water, knows Yuan blessing won, but didn't know to be fond of to take place what in fog.
"You are two many hereafter and Yuan blessing exchanges for a while, to later you go out to travel over Ning to very and greatly have an advantage
Chapter 9 wager Dou
The exhibition blessing wine is slowly and longly and particularly returning to the camp that the green wood believes in.Influence didn't say to is to nod to smile to smile to him and clapped to clap his shoulder, fly to and other several.The monk of gold Dan negotiated to go to.But the week fly and square the hero see his look in the eyes have already been full of value, pottery net and remaining work properly two what people expressed is also enthusiasm.
"Yuan eldest brother, just and exactly is what is the row?Your thunder bead a deep-fried, I saw not pure."Remaining works properly an asking of excitement way.
"Can you say with us yes?"The pottery net also helps a chamber in a side.Just influence although ordering to review for a while,say too is misty, 2 people don't understand at all.And the week flew 2 heros of square to also stick out ear and wanted to listen to true facts.
"Have no what, I just after letting out thunder bead, method divide time with, drive to halt to fly sword will his protect shield attraction at before the body.That boy is too greed, protect shield defense not whole, drive I from after death hold tight."The Yuan blessing understatemently says.
The whole process, the Yuan blessing didn't use export surplus more to fix now for of skill, just make use of oneself's Gao Chu's the other party a vision of grade, find out the flaw of the other party, calmly set up, at last and very boldly and accurately held tight the other party just.But these performances are in the others eyes, represent abundant of combat experience, and lead the person's courage and judgment.
"Yuan eldest brother you too condescension, although know that his protection contains loophole, who can easily draw on all of his attentions fore noodles, but oneself goes to near body hands to hand fight!"The pottery net mostly understood the whole process and inwardly hit tongue to the courage of Yuan blessing.
"That is just the number of times that you fight too little just.This kind of matter, fight with others of number of times many, slowly dare."Yuan blessing one face quiet of suddenly and leisurely way.
This place 3 people the discussion of the still just small voice of time, the platform area has already tidied up to complete, the influence also flies back, however the vision stays around a week to fly a body up, one hesitates erratic air on the face.
"Uncle Shi has what matter?Today's hasing a competition isn't to should have been already ended?"The week flies the facial expression of seeing the influence and hurriedly asks a way.
"That Huan water believes in if Lin Xiang continues to have a competition, direct divide a victory or defeat with you.I now is also hesitant to want don't promise him.What about your meaning?"The influence flies to say to the week,Beats By Dr Dre Studio.Generally speaking, after finishing having a competition the first, for giving to once fight a coffee break with enough pupil, next have a competition and push till the second day.If the wood gave up time that he or she takes a rest to challenge, if the week flies not to meet challenge to battle, seem to be too timid.The influence worries again if Lin You what calculate, so is some to hesitate.
Indeed as expected not influence anticipate, the week flies a to listen to if Lin Yao continues to challenge him and shows indignant air on the face, is been small to see by the opponent, particularly drive female the opponent is small to see, flies to the week of the incitement isn't obviously light.
"Now that if wood would like to, I also nothing important opinion, keep company with at any time."The week flies a very resolute answer way.
The influence sighed tone and said:"That is all right, you prepare for a while and take place to have a competition."After all week's flying is the satisfied pupil of clock enemy, also is to have the potential the monk for rising in rank gold Dan, the influence doesn't want to compulsorily request him what.
The Yuan blessing sees the week fly up a field, tiny shook to shake head.Just connected persons like influence,etcs and don't discover if the wood's cutthroat steel is a moon fire, just think if Lin Kao Shui fastenned a true dollar to harm Su's earthquake.Week's flying has never made pure condition of the enemy to take place like this, the opportunity for winning isn't really big.However the week flies be since chosen by the green wood religion for the pupil that guards this to originally possessed site, should be have two brushes, can lend if the wood exactly still has what cutthroat copper.
Once 2 people open hostilities, Yuan blessing put attention at if Lin Shen up.And the first is similar, if the Fu puts on to come up and then fastens magic trick to inhibit by water, while the week fly not resigned to playing second fiddle also, the magic trick in the hand also is to pile up one after another, make people at present more a bright BE, the week flies when the magic trick resists and flung out many things of seed kinds, the magic trick is after resisting spread Yi in the sky of the wood fasten power and water to fasten all of power drive these seed absorption, if Fu Lin Xiang forms water fog can not do.The condition is temporarily burnt to burn, there is the week to fly sword to help to offend to fly to look to still slightly gain advantage.
"The week senior comes ups and then works properly son with the wood and see come is prepare to with one action take down if wood."The pottery net is some envy of looking at a week to fly, obviously to his fix Fu envying is good.
"Yuan eldest brother, do you see the senior in week to win?"Remaining works properly but looking at a Yuan blessing and waits to listen to his views.The influence is important to stare at battlefield, prevent°from an accident of occurrence, but leave a person inside.Work properly to see in remaining, most authority of should be Yuan blessing.
"Not say, the possibility perhaps losing is a little bit larger."Yuan blessing part awake battlefield, part answer way.
Pottery net and remaining work properly to obviously break to this theory a bit shocked, even square hero's all peeping out doesn't believe of air.
On the after all present noodles, the week flies to still keep slightly gaining an advantage, and the wood works properly son as successor and is different from the appearance that will lose.
"Why?Can Yuan elder brother Fu say in detail for a while?"The pottery net makes a noise to ask a way.
Is detailed of I also don't know how to say it, however I always feel if Lin You what conceal means.She since dares to challenge in a row, obviously is have some confidence."Yuan blessing not say words deeply, just misty of explained for a while.
Pottery net 3 people face up peep out the air of thinking, however don't obviously and not believe deeply.The Yuan blessing is also inattentive, just the prison prison has eyes fixed on if wood wait for her killing to recruit.
If wood also didn't let Yuan blessing much etc., seeing can not be like similar concealed last time real strenght under defeat opponent, she also have no concealed more again what.Anyway defeated a week to fly, her task was basic and then completed.
Of intensive fighting, if Lin Shen Qian's gauze silk ribbon suddenly launches and holds up the attack that the week flies, but she, then took out a very small black bell lock.The method definitely beats in the bell to lock up, the flame in a black is from the bell lock inside emitted out, made a pounce upon a week to fly.
The week flies in if have already been vigilant very much when the wood takes out a bell lock of strengthening and protecting shield, the wood of ground works properly son to also have a several to fiercely let out green light and add to hold the body that flies in the week up.But the week fly of fly sword but didn't take back, but hovered around in the sky, wait for one shot system the enemy's opportunity.And other woods of ground work properly son and also all fly high and let out ray of light, want to impede fire Xie
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