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The enemy's big arrows has already deeply wears the nephew who strives for wealth in four younger sisters and diagram that strive for wealth in diagram.Enemy just was shot to back, spent son in diagram hurtle to car compartment behind.The adult and kid whom she sees roll out, one Ye is a to fill toward car compartment bottom.The piece is courageously green to also come to help, one Ye Ye two hand bloods, but the month of inside of diagram dances and stamps ground to resist, cry bitterly.He has to six absolute being the ownerlessly blunt bird yell:" Bird!You come and see quickly!"
Strive for wealth to catch up to go in diagram, Duo the oneself woman give slap, this just fills her to the concealment place.Is very quick, Zhu 玥 Bi and his mother's aunts embrace a head to seek bird, see him the dog hide chest tunic to just loosen an one breath.They this trembles, the feet tremble ground to pull out robe and give bark a soul.The bird sees they pull out not to open, hurriedly the dog pass to pass by.He without nuisance, a turn to read cold sweat, the heart says:What agreeable Huang water comes is a Yi soldier.
He this becomes nervous for ten thousand horses and arranges to strive for wealth in diagram, the tooth is several monkeys, shout over break through siege.Kill to the encampment.
Wood, right against the face is more than ten foemans.The bird Zi eyes open bow, the Xian voice rings place, the arrows delivers meteor, and the exact center right head enemy rides.That person is surprised to shout one to fall a horse.Turn a moment, right against the face two ride to cut, person's turning over Yang is rushing ground right away, the bird Fu body stretches arm, the Tao turns over a to ride and look back to see to lead a quilt countercheck.BE dancing a pair of Mao, Lei shot enemy, Ma Tou, .Then turn over a body and shoot one arrows.
Zhao Guo Ji lousy Ma Tou, in a twinkling chase bird or so.The enemy sees the power of his 2 people fierce difficult block, outflank and attack to put arrows in succession, 2 people and stir and walk of power make track for be defeated and flee.
Bird, Zhao Guo Zhi begs to get away from their ground to rush to make track for, or so still shoot don't let very much they title Ma Gen Jin, which attend to effectively kill wound.It is walking urgently.Front together the voice hair shout, and then kill a to pay ten remaining or so person's horse, make the Sou Sou shooting to the one ground feather arrows.
One person blocks bird front, stand gun to stab.The bird leaves bow to mutually face, the Ning waist Zong arm, chase his Ye a heel head.Don't think, he gets empty the horse of Si but blocks off road all of a sudden.Being "stupid" to urgently and urgently beat one is curved, become a turn of inclined walk, take the bird into their ground to surround.The bird pulls out knife fierce chop down, one person turn over.One pike on the close behind looks back to chop down toward the enemy's Ma Tou.That horse Long Teng Hu jumps sad Si of sort vacillating, fierce lift fierce kick.The bird takes advantage o to keep into indiscriminately, the east picks a west dozen.In a short instant again the Chuo dies count soldier.
Seeing will kill Zhao Guo front of, far in stretch out of set Ma Gan.
Tie in his head.That makes the person of Suo far at 67 outside, entering can not enter, after having to beat a horse Ye.Bird Ye pole, mutually the anti- a short moment has already been dragged along involuntarily and waits to flick knife to break a pole, the body almost stretches with Ma Shen even.Only a leg buttons up dish right away.
The back enemy sees cautiously.One pike Shuo past.He then eats not to live a strength, is fallen Ma Xia by the Dan.
Leading is held up by 34 people.Being just or so can not enter, the Tu sees he get hurt, hasty pain under living out huge dint, a Mao hits to turn over one person, and then lets go of one Mao 20 more and treads far, enemy Lu beat shake to concuss of cripple.The bird endures painful, roll a body to greatly drink, a knife cuts to step toward own war horse, unexpectedly the Huo slices but leads.
He is jubilantly happy, don't beg to climb a horse as well, just Hun as bloody left cut right shout.Reflect to go into one in his eyes suddenly horse Ma Tou, want to don't think as well, crazy not the Dian ground bow body bumps."Bombing Long" is a Ma Dao Xue's ground of huge ring.The cripple enemy is shocked.They originally see a bird head the top tie two long arrowses and sprinkle Li on blood of body, is thinking that he is already spent force, don't think that he was unexpectedly lame the leg Lei turns over a horse, again the wreath attends to or so, have already died or injured several people, this says that the voice "back".
The enemy seeing have no a horse and being harmed behind the half roll half to climb, Zhao Guo doesn't make track for as well and urgently wear to rob bird nearby.The bird just chopped down an eye front of of harmed a horse, a bottom sits to in the ground, confused swayed head, vomited an one mouthful of dry phlegm, silly the ground said:"Bump too maliciously, dizzy!"Immediately after, he touched touch a horse,beats by dr dre pro, suddenly En Ma Tui lets over see, Rang way:"On pushing over a horse, gains and losses!It is long to living what sky protect.I know it is afraid that I bump it, I bump it, its leg folded ground.You seek a good horse, I try again."
The Hey ground of Zhao Guo Hei smiles, the picking up weapon once binds wound for him, but discovers him a , and then said that the sentence is "dizzy", says to pour and then pour.
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This poured to is a sky black.
He just knew while waking up over see he faint and drag along oneself Lin Zhong once and almost be frightened to death public.He touch to hug Zhu 玥 Bi in he's bosom, and then chewed snow regiment son and wide awoke a lot.Strive for wealth to allow him to listen to an outside the ground shout to kill a voice in diagram.He just knows the encampment will soon not protect and can not help silent think a way:Even if I didn't faint and took over kill to return to also late.The enemy doesn't anticipate leaking out of news, early and early send army to hide can not.Can the enemy will hide where, the camp hunts of how to haven't run into person?
Is very quick, he thinks again:See with the color of the sky and the hunters negligence that today meets an enemy, they hide the location of body and then walk at the inclined square of southwest a ground of foothill district.Arrived in winter, aweather of foothill no man be willing to live, having no find would like to hide, is naturally the good place that lines up soldiers hides, I am still complacent, think I from sell it short, the anti- its teachings drills the stratagem of place with a draught son brilliant, unexpectedly thought of that a cake of went to with enemy.Compare but talk, I pulled person's horse of one camp, having no concealment could talk, soon become bad situation to defend from the concealment, if not that with the Na orchid mountain male send army for condition, it may be said inferior pole.But the enemy then is different, use a little amount of ……
The bird brain is shining, suddenly shout loudly 1 all of a sudden:"Enemy's person's horse can't be more than 500 people.Ten thousand horses the uncle isn't the possibility that didn't break an enemy!"
Zhu 玥 Bi sees lead and strive for wealth to round in diagram front of, Lei bird for a while, ask:"Are you how can anyone know?Or want us first.Then doesn't go, how to do children?The flower in the diagram son beat several courageously greens of hair pieces to pick up person in the home, doing not know as well could receive your grandpa Bo!"
Bird this just knows that his/her own Ba Yas have already walked to is just about, canning not pull several personal encampments to seek ten thousand horses.He turns head to to diagram strive for wealth to recruit and says:"You with over go together.Find out ten thousand horses, tell him:Enemy's numberses are few, divide a soldier after going into a camp, willing get nearby can don't necessarily have 100 people and seek quasi- beat!"
Strive for wealth to know to matter to a graveness in diagram, immediately"hi"1, turn round to arrange flower son in the diagram and month in the diagram to say:"You also take bow and arrow and guard good children with thriving Yang Lin and the road and guard good bird!"
The son that is public to looking at his 2 people, turn but lift car Lian.Asking the afraid and hungry children can also support live.BE saying, again someone goes into wood.Go straight to here.
Yang Lin Ji warned several voices, this then past, the different meeting then shivers a few whole bodies of the man send to bird in front.Once the bird see shape, know to scatter in encampment a ground of common people, this tells them to say:"Afraid of death not?I fight one battle in the northern side, if you drag along corpse horse back.We can have eat of!"
After they walk, the oddness of Zhu 玥 Bi he doesn't make Yang Lin go and then ask to make a noise:"Will they come back?You how don't let I ground does the person go?"
The bird lies prone by the side of the her ear, the low voice says with smile:"Useless talk.We is somehow also to live a person, there is car hasing fire to contain weapon, their Wei wears us, are the courages all strong, how can don't come back?As for make them go to, that is to think that they all have no horse and meet an enemy not to live and then die.The movements that don't expose us!"
Zhu 玥 Bi sees him self-confident countenance, unbearable at car compartment ground Zhuo in the figure he.Immediately, the bird is subjected to encouragement, it is warm hot to make oneself stretching her clothes of touch.Zhu 玥 Bi a burst of heart Jing falter, although know oneself and his Yi skin Ru son.Or afraid that the children in the car compartment know, a few adult disclosures be carelessly cared, bite ground tooth dither of thin silver.
The bird isn't willing to give up and ask her:"See I drive over drag along back, have you already cried?"
Zhu 玥 Bi originally wanted to deny, terrible he isn't willing to give up.Say for the low voice:"Cry!"
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